Dec 16, 2016

The Shirk Report – Volume 400


Welcome to the Shirk Report where you will find 20 funny images, 10 interesting articles and 5 entertaining videos from the last 7 days of sifting. Most images found on Reddit; articles from Twitter, RSS and email; videos come from everywhere. Any suggestions? Send a note to



I wonder what happens if I do this?
My New Year’s resolution
Meanwhile in Melbourne, this has already been created
You know you’re getting old when (he’s probably in PE. Read the Twinkie article below)
“Wanna go for a walk?”
The gif machine
You think the guy who made this is going to see Rogue One?
The CIA just released a photo of one of the purported election hackers | My reaction
Oh look, it’s Lil Jon Snow
Give it up dude
When Mom says you can only have one chip
You and me both
You already know Domino’s arriving first | When the Domino’s comes
How long before he notices?
Got your nose!
Well that didn’t work
That moment when you realize a baby has done cooler stuff thank you
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What Every Browser Knows About You
The Four-Letter Code to Selling Just About Anything
How the Twinkie Made the Superrich Even Richer
Valley of the Dolts
No Doctor Should Work 30 Straight Hours Without Sleep
We Couldn’t Live Without Zero but We Once Had To
The Most Relaxing Ambient Sound Sites On The Internet
What’s the Point of Revolving Doors?
The Gadget Apocalypse is Upon Us
How Does It Feel by Patti Smith (if you only read one article this week, let it be this one. And then watch the performance)


















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