April 20, 2021 at 10:56 am

Twenty Skies

by twistedsifter


Check out this surreal image by Alex Hyner. The image was created using twenty skies from around the world, all brought together around one special telephone pole in Los Angeles.

On reddit, Hyner adds:

“These are not taken from the same vantage point or anything. I snapped the telephone pole the other day and the idea came to me. I just dug into my hard drive for different skies. A few are from Fiji, many from California. Some I used the same sky and just changed the color to appear to be a different sky. A lot of those puffy clouds are just from the other day after some rain, and what looks like Mars is just a low setting sun I shot from my street in Los Angeles about six months ago!”


Prints are available through Hyner’s website and you can see more of his artwork on Instagram.

[via Instagram, reddit]