Jan 4, 2022

This Twitter Thread Will Make You Appreciate New York City’s Times Square

If you love New York City, you want to read this thread by author Tiffany D. Jackson about why the space means so much to her and her family.

It began with another thread, one that asked people about the “worst spots in NYC,” and one that many people responded to with “Times Square.”

Her father has been a street vendor in the same spot – 45th and Broadway – for 23 years.

Her dad is also the hero who found the Times Square bomb back in 2010.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the space has its fair share of unwritten rules (that Tiffany got to benefit from sometimes!).

She basically grew up there, making an impression on everyone who spent time with her and her father.

Her dad is one of those staples that absolutely everyone knows, especially Tiffany’s friends.

He, like everyone else in the service industry, has struggled to keep going during covid. Recently, though, she went to visit him.

New York is very strangely quiet, and despite the crabbing people do when it’s normal, everyone who spends time there kind of wishes it would go back to being crazy.

Of course, the staples are still there and doing their best to keep everyone entertained.

She just wants everyone to remember that even though Times Square is all of those things New Yorkers hate, it’s also full of some of the MOST New York people there are, and that they’re still out there every day trying to make a living.

Her dad also sells her books (allegedly), so stop by and say hello when you’re able.

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