Oct 1, 2022

11 Funny Tweets for Your Viewing Pleasure

We are gathered here today to present you with tweets that will bring you immense pleasure…

And you better believe that we’re not lying, friends!

Take a look at these beauties and get prepared to laugh!

1. Yeah, WTF?

Not at all like the movies.

2. You’re like this now, aren’t you?

We all are!

3. You can never spoil them enough.

That’s a fact!

4. For real!

This needs to be normalized.

5. You should have been in bed hours ago.

This doesn’t look good…

6. That’s too much to ask.

WAY too much.

7. You are now officially OLD.

Just roll with it.

8. Sounds amazing.

Let us know if you actually pull it off.

9. Uh oh…

This is THE WORST.

10. I think you’re right.

It would be…groovy, baby.

11. Put it everywhere.

That’ll work!

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