October 3, 2022 at 1:08 am

9 Old-School House Cleaning Tips You Should Check Out

by Matthew Gilligan

We’re going back to the old-school today, my friends!

In terms of housekeeping, I mean…

Take a look at 9 house cleaning tips from the past that people from all over the country suggested.

You might want to use them to spruce up your own home.

1. Time to clean up.

If your hands are filthy from doing yard work or working in the garage, Marjorie Little of Sarasota, Florida, has some words of advice for you.

She says, “Tuck a bar of soap in the toe of a nylon stocking and tie it to your outdoor water faucet for fast garden cleanup.”

Nice one!

2. Get rid of concrete stains.

Rust stains and other kinds of blemishes have a way of marking concrete patios, walkways, and driveways.

Ann Norstram of Clinton, Iowa, says, “Rust stains from outdoor furniture can be removed from concrete by using lemon juice and rubbing with a soft linen cloth.”

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3. Clean your grill.

It can be pretty difficult to get your grill totally clean…and it can be time-consuming.

Nancy Merica of Ripley, West Virginia, has this brilliant advice: “Lay a barbecue grill rack on the lawn overnight. The dew will combine with enzymes on the grass to loosen any burned-on grease. Try it with messy oven racks, too!”

Try it out!

4. Use your socks!

Having trouble reaching certain spots when you’re dusting the house?

Worry no more!

Deanna Thomas of Hollister, Missouri, says this is how she gets her house dust-free: “I slip an old sock onto a fly swatter and sew it securely into place. It’s very handy.”

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Photo Credit: Unsplash,Nick Page

5. Wash your walls.

Yes, people do wash their walls and maybe you should think about doing it, too.

And Milton Olson of Klaten, North Dakota, has a cleaning hack you should try.

He says, “Fill a paint roller with your favorite wall washing solution and use a clean paint roller to wash your walls. Rinse with clear water. It goes much more quickly than sponging.”


6. No more soap scum.

No one likes a dirty shower…so you should try to use baby oil on a soft cloth to make sure your shower doors and walls are clean.

Mildred Sherrer of Bay City, Texas, says, “It prevents scum buildup from dirt and soap, and hard water spots won’t appear for several months.”

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7. It works!

If you run out of sponges, try wadded up aluminum foil to scrub items in your kitchen that have baked-on food and stains you’re having a hard time with.

Maureen Beaver of Sparta, Wisconsin, says it works like a charm.

8. Get saucy.

If you want your brass to shine nice and bright as it should, try cleaning it with Worcestershire sauce. Lucile Trent of Waverly, Missouri, says, “It does an unbelievably good job!”

I believe her!

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Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

9. You know you need it.

And lastly, here’s a smart and chemical-free way to clean your microwave.

Mary Alice Warren of Waco, Texas says, “Place 1 cup of water and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice or baking soda in a bowl. Heat on high until the mixture boils. Let steam accumulate on the walls and door of the microwave. Remove the bowl and wipe down the interior.”

Give it a shot!

Good luck and we hope these old-school tips make cleaning your house a little bit more fun!

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