October 30, 2022 at 1:07 am

“Quiet Quitter” Mocked Co-Workers Working Hard for Promotions and Got People Talking

by Matthew Gilligan

Have you heard the term “quiet quitter” before?

It seems to be everywhere these days, and it refers to people doing only what is absolutely necessary at their jobs and not going above and beyond with any tasks.

People who subscribe to the quiet quitting approach like to say that there are really no upsides in going above and beyond at work and all it really does is add more stress and extra work to someone’s life.

And a TikTok user named Cruz made a short, funny sketch addressing the topic of quiet quitting.

In the video, Cruz acts as a quiet quitter who responds to someone at his workplace wanting to take on extra work in hopes of getting a promotion.

Take a look.

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People who saw the video related to Cruz’s take on the subject of quiet quitting.

One person said,

“All the time. Calm down Mark I just want peace and quiet.”

Another viewer added,


Other viewers had thoughts about where actually taking on extra work gets you in the end.

One viewer said,

“The irony is, I ended up getting a promotion over that guy because he burned out and I was just chill and polite. Good times.”

And another person said,

“Doing all the work doesn’t work. I’ve tried it.”

Cruz said he thinks he knows why the concept of quiet quitting is popular these days.

“People are realizing that the corporate ladder doesn’t matter as much anymore. What we are noticing is that there is rarely a reward for hard work anymore so why do it? You work hard all year and when you are up for a promotion, you get a 5% raise.”

“You can do the bare minimum now and find fulfillment in your life outside of work, while still getting that same raise. I think it has always been around but now with Tiktok and younger generations (Gen Z, Millennials) speaking about it has caused an uproar in Corporate America.”

Do you think quiet quitting is the way to go? It seems like people are pretty divided on this one…

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