November 28, 2022 at 5:50 pm

The “Worst Science Stock Photo Ever” Contest Picked a Winner

by Matthew Gilligan

If you spend a lot of time browsing stock photo websites, you eventually run into a whole lot of hilariousness…

Because sometimes the photos these folks come up with make you scratch your head and question their sanity!

A Twitter user named Dr. Kit Chapman took it upon himself to nominate what he thinks are some of the worst stock science photos out there and to let folks on the social media platform vote on them.

Here’s how the festivities kicked off.

And then there was this unusual snapshot…

Followed by a woman who was clearly dressed up for the wrong occasion…I guess she forgot she had some experiments to take care of…

Who the hell knows what was happening in this pic.

And then we have this clearly deranged man performing some kind of terrible test on a raw chicken.

Then it was time to party…maybe it was Halloween?

This guy, who clearly shouldn’t be anywhere near a lab.

Two women who are lacking in the equipment department.

And then the classic “Mad Scientist.”

It came down to the Final Four…

And the winner was the soldering scientist (the first pic in the thread).

Well, that was fun…now get back to work!

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