Jan 28, 2023

15 People Share The Things They Shrug Off That Most People Don’t

The world tells us there’s a whole host of things we should be offended about on a daily basis, but honestly, it can get pretty exhausting.

These 15 people say there are some things they’re too tired to care about anymore, whether or not they’re frowned upon by everyone else.

15. Assume all you want.

I know the post is about offense but I’m going to out a disclaimer, if my reply offends you I am sorry that is not my intention.

I get asked my pronoun of choice from time to time and honestly I don’t care about it. Call me what you want. Whatever you think I am. If you’re right, yay! If you’re wrong I’ll politely let you know so you can correct. But you can assume my gender any time, I’ll never be offended by it.

Same goes for my orientation. You can assume it all you want. I’ll let you know politely if it’s wrong.

Now this doesn’t mean I’ll hold others to my standard, I’ll always treat people the way they want to be treated.

14. Clothes are for everyone.

I don’t understand why everyone gets annoyed about people using different cultures hairstyles or whatever.

I’m Scottish and in Edinburgh, in the summer. You will see thousands of people in Kilts. Almost all of which are not Scottish. Does it bother any of us? Of course not.

There was once a guy from Kenya who must have been 6ft 5 and I heard him say that he needed a longer kilt and when it was questioned why, he replied with “You don’t know much about black guys, do you?” Which cracked me up.

13. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I’ve had a couple of people assume I’m gay. Not sure why, but it’s happened on more than one occasion.

It doesn’t bother me though, there’s nothing wrong with being gay so why would it bother me?

12. It’s a secret wish.

People cancelling plans, half the time I’m happy about it hahaha.

11. Casual conversation.

Being asked where I’m from as a person of color. I don’t really see the big deal, it’s just small talk.

10. It’s literally not a big deal.

Forgetting my birthday.

9. Some people just don’t get it.

Dark humor.

8. Brush it off.

“Happy Holidays”

Also, I don’t mind it when strangers refer to me as “Hun”, “Dear”, “Sweetheart” etc.

7. All in good fun.

I think it’s mostly a small portion of white Americans that get offended at cultural appropriation .

I know tons of Mexicans, practically adopted into a Mexican family and they love when others wear their garb for Cinco de Mayo.

Been to japan many times and same there they love white people wearing their old school garb.

Then I’m Native American and at our festivals we’re all for outsiders participating.

6. Freaks and geeks.


Some of the best people I’ve met have been the freaks and outcasts.

5. A daily thing.

Being cut off. Everyone hates it. I simply couldn’t care less.

4. It’s all up to you.

Choosing to be religious. Or choosing to not be religious.

I’m very religious and I feel a very big part of that is allowing people to believe what they choose. I’ve got no problem with someone who’s atheist. I’ve just noticed people tend to assume all religious people are bigots and modern crusaders when that’s not how I feel at all. Also see some folks who are very judgmental towards the non-religious types and it’s always bugged me.

I just wish we’d offer each other more grace and let people choose what they want to believe.

3. Just look away.

Breastfeeding in public.

Breastfeeding with a cover sucks. The latch doesn’t go well and a lot of babies just won’t nurse while covered. Who cares. It’s a boob feeding a baby.

If you don’t like it look away.

2. Everybody’s got one.

Having a different opinion.

1. It’s not about your ego.

Splitting the bill on dates. Never understood why men get so offended when I offer to pay my half.

It is not an ego battle, I just want to pay my share.

I think we should all stop worrying about more than a few of these things.

Wouldn’t we just be a lot freer at the end of the day?

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