Jan 11, 2023

A Man Shared Red Flag Christmas Gifts That Companies Give to Their Workers

Have you ever been given a gift and you thought it was a red flag?

Even if you haven’t a TikTok user named Matt thinks you need to be aware of these kinds of signs in the corporate world.

Matt said that certain gifts that businesses give to their employees should be a warning sign.

Take a look at his video.

@matt.sandoval7 Company Christmas gifts – what do you get? #corporate #redflags #christmas #wfh ♬ original sound – Matt Sandoval

Matt’s video went viral and a lot of people shared their own experiences.

One person said,

“My favorite is getting a zip up with an embroidered logo jacket of the company but them saying we’re gonna do a potluck holiday party.”

Another commented,

“Lol they make us buy each other gifts.”

And one viewer responded,

“Company potluck where we have to try ‘Mary’s Famous Sausage Dip’ enriched with her cats’ hair.”

One person’s response was pretty unbelievable:

“We got a self-help book ‘How to take the Feedback.’ It was about taking criticism well. Merry Christmas.”

Another viewer commented,

“Fortune 500 company. We get nothing but the CEO gets a 14 million dollar bonus on top of his 2 million dollar salary.”

And one TikTokker said,

“Company I work for made 6 billion last year profit. We haven’t got a bonus since 2018.”

But one viewer had a good experience and said, 

“I worked for a tiny company started in oct and got a $5k Christmas bonus. Now I work for a huge billion dollar company and got a quarter zip with logo.”

Keep an eye on that, folks…

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