May 16, 2023

People Talk About Things That Are Popular They Refuse to Get Into

You know you’re getting old when you turn on the radio and you have absolutely no idea who any of the people are singing the songs.

And it makes you feel even older when you realize that you don’t even like any of it.

My, how things have changed…for me, at least…

What’s popular that you refuse to get into?

Check out what people had to say.


“Celebrity worship.

And the way people get mad for criticizing them.

Like how can you even get mad at me saying stuff about a person who doesn’t even know you exist?



“Lip injections.

I can’t believe the number of women (and sometimes men) walking around with artificially enlarged lips that look liked they were stung by an army of wasps or were balancing sausages on their mouths.

I remember seeing a women who seemed to spit everywhere due to her incessantly enlarged lips.”

So lame.

“Stupid prank videos.

I’ve seen two videos recently where someone shouted “he’s got a g**” to inspire panic and make people stampede.

How is your life so meaningless and disconnected that you think that’s funny, witty, entertaining or has any positive aspects?”

All the rage.

“Everyone my age is playing pickleball.

So much so that they cancelled my basketball league to make more space for the pickleball league.”

Not doing it.

“Elf on a Shelf.

I refuse to have to come up with creative s**t for 25 straight days until my kids no longer believe in Santa.”

Pretty popular.

“Funko Pops.

Pretty much everyone I know my age collects them and I don’t get it.

I will admit I own one that was gifted to me and I like it because no other figurine exists of this person to my knowledge.

My friend often sells hers over time for around £60 each which seems insane to me.”


“Chatting with AI characters.

Maybe the worst form of parasocial engagement. It’s bad enough people think they’re friends with streamers and content creators.

Now they’re just talking to themselves.”

Don’t need it.

“Smart watches, particularly Apple.

I have a number of watches but the last thing I want is to get emails, calls and texts on my watch.

Granted people use them for fitness but I do not.”

Not good for you.


I get addicted to stuff quickly, also losing your senses for hours on end doesn’t appeal to me.

If you like drinking, that’s fine, but I just won’t.”

No partying.

“I’m 20 and I h**e parties.

I like little get togethers with my friends, but large gatherings just aren’t my thing. I’m at the age where it feels like everyone is doing it, but I just don’t really like it.

Doesn’t help that I also don’t like drinking or vaping.”

Odd man out.


I was recently at a party and everyone was talking about “that one time they cheated” and I was made to feel like an oddball because I hadn’t cheated but to me not cheating is normal.”

Just say NO.


Too many friends have gone down a awful rabbit hole over it, just starting when there drinking then it turns into a every weekend thing then when ever they can get their hands on it.

H**e to see it becoming more and more popular.”

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