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Men Who Have Gotten A Vasectomy, What Do You Think Now? They Share Their Feelings About Their Choices

by Trisha Leigh

Such A Weird Thing Vascetomy Men Who Have Gotten A Vasectomy, What Do You Think Now? They Share Their Feelings About Their Choices

When you reach a certain point in your life, you know for sure you are done having children. It might be before you have a single child, and it might be after you’ve had a whole soccer team’s worth – it’s different for everyone.

If you’re a man in that particular situation and are feeling like an adult who is responsible for the consequences of their own actions, you might get a vasectomy.

But are these men always happy with their choices? Have their vasectomies affected their lives? Let’s find out!

Never regretted it for a second.

I never regretted it for a second.

The biggest change I found was a significant increase in my enjoyment of s*x. I never realized how much stress about unwanted pregnancy I was carrying until it was gone

I wish I’d done it sooner, like 13 years old.

Both are very helpful.

Vasectomy and LASIK the best two procedures I’ve had done. Highly recommend.

Now I can see what the f**k I’m doing.

That’s all folks.

This is the exact same reasoning for me. Only thing to add is that if you have a partner, consult with them. It’s your body and blah blah but a partner is part of your life so definitely always discuss the idea of kids. If you for sure don’t want any then don’t marry someone who does.

You can change your mind down the road and that’s fine but really consider your stance. That’s all folks.

You can’t risk it.

I’m 30 with 3 kids, got a vasectomy earlier this year. Wife almost died in childbirth for the last one.

Can’t risk that again. No regrets.

The 1%.

I had one back in 2014 and have been part of the 1% whom experience pain everyday afterwards. Last year I got it reversed because I didn’t want to be in pain anymore but that did nothing but cause me more issues.

However, I have extremely bad luck when it comes to anything and everything.

A dad joke was required.

I was told that after a vasectomy I wouldn’t have kids anymore, but when I got home they were still there…

Seriously, DADS.

Experiences vary greatly. Some men don’t see a change in anything but others notice a vas deferens!

Such a weird thing.

No regrets. Had it done after our 3rd child was born. We definitely couldn’t cope with a 4th child, and my wife was told sternly that she should not have another.

It hasn’t changed my life. It has helped my wife in that she no longer takes birth control.

Interesting that some other commenters in this thread have had life-changing situations where they went for reversal. The health worker tried to talk me out of the vasectomy, saying I was very young (I was 35).

She kept coming up with these scenarios in which I might want to have more children. I would reply “I still have three children.”

The right call.

33, no children, got my vasectomy last year. Once I was healed up, everything felt the same as before. Gave it the necessary time it needed to clear the stragglers and I’m in the clear.

My wife and I didn’t want biological children for various reasons, and the option to adopt or foster is still available if we want to raise children. For now, we just have the option of more spontaneous s*x, no risk of pregnancy, save money on condoms, and she doesn’t need to use birth control and it’s myriad of potential side effects.

It was the right call for us.

Not in the slightest.

I got a vasectomy years ago when my girlfriend at the time (who is now my wife) didn’t really care for condoms, and knew she didn’t want to have any more children.

Me, I never wanted kids of my own. It was an easy decision for me, and I haven’t regretted it for a single second.

It also hasn’t affected my life in the slightest, aside from three or four days it took to recover from having a pretty sore scrotum after the procedure.

Would definitely recommend.

I’ve had one some nine years ago when my then-girlfriend and me broke up and I decided that I’m too old now to find somebody to have kids with (which was/is totally okay).

My urologist really took time to explain to me how it all works and to make sure that that’s what I want.
The procedure only hurt a little bit, even though some dude sticking a long hypodermic needle in your sack is probably a rather acquired taste. The greatest inconvenience was the ban on bathing.

As for the effect, I would definitely do it again. My long-term (=long enough to get tested and do it without a rubber) partners all appreciated it a lot, and even in connection with other forms of contraception it gives a certain peace of mind. Besides that, the s*x itself hasn’t changed at all.

TLDR: If you’re sure you don’t want any more kids, I can totally recommend it.

Do the double check.

I got mine, no regrets, s*x life vastly improved, just make sure you get a sperm count post OP.

The sperm count was honestly the worst part of mine. Thought it would be like the movies where the have a lil recliner with some magazines in a private room and shit.

Nah it was some lady in her 80s that could barely walk. She handed me a bag, said I could deposit my sample in the cup, stuck me in a handicap bathroom and had a full on conversation with a doc right outside the door the whole time

To just enjoy it.

My partner got his in January. Neither of us have kids, both of us turn 30 this year. Of course, no OBGYN would entertain sterilization for me (a female), but he was able to set up the appointment no problem.

I’m just now getting the BC out of my system and it’s life changing. We’re ecstatic to be able to enjoy each other and not worry about pregnancy.

No problems or regrets.

After mine I made sure the pipes were completely clear, got checked, and have never had any problems or regrets.

However, a buddy of mine jumped the gun—and his wife—and inadvertently ended up with a third child.

When you know, you know.

Got snipped when I was 29. Didn’t have kids then, knew I never wanted to.

Flippin’ great decision, never regretted it for a second.

Get everything set up before you go.

I just want to add a warning from a friend of mine who had it done.

He had the operation and went home to recover for a few days, unfortunately he had not forseen that he wouldn’t be able to set up the new playstation he’d bought himself as a “reward” – he didn’t feel up to all the awkward bending and fucking around behind the TV. Instead he had to sit there on the couch for days wishing he was playing it!

So a careful warning to anyone else reading this – plug your self-reward playstation in before you have the operation and not after. Learn from his mistake!

It’s not all sunshine and roses.

It has changed my s*xlife significantly. Posts like these are disheartening, because I remembered scrolling through similar posts and disregarding those who were not so lucky and ended up with pvps or other changes in their s*x life. So many men say it’s the best thing they did and never regretted it: no change in orgasms what so ever.

The intensity of my orgasms have changed a lot. It isn’t as good as it used to be. It’s like stepping on a garden hose where water wants to escape but it can’t. I never feel relaxed after an orgasm anymore or fulfilled. There’s a feeling of congestion after.

I am not experiencing any pain, luckily. I do feel my testicles are more sensitive. I already feel the tenderness when I go to the bathroom just to pee. I loved it when my partner held them, but I don’t anymore.

Everyone will say it’s psychological; your urologist and the people around you. I have posted a couple of times on Reddit about it, but most people thought I was trolling.

Maybe it is only psychological, but that doesn’t change how I perceive my orgasms.

I still say it’s worth it.

There’s relief in the permanency, right?

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