August 5, 2023 at 10:22 am

What’s Not Like It Is in the Movies? Here’s What People Had to Say.

by Justin Gardner

Things In Movies Not Real AR What’s Not Like It Is in the Movies? Here’s What People Had to Say.

When I was younger, I thought going to college was going to be like it was in the movies.

Non-stop parties, the nerds vs. the jocks, all that good stuff.

And guess what?

It really wasn’t…

Don’t get me wrong, it was still great, but not as crazy as it appears in Hollywood…not even close.

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about what’s not like it is in the movies.

Start now!


“Amish people. I am from Amish country, Ohio – my first job was bussing tables at an Amish food buffet for tourists.

Amish people during their teen years smoke, cuss, make their own wine, moonshine, grow weed and cook m**h. They host MASSIVE (1000+ people) “field parties” and charge cover fees that will earn them thousands of dollars.

They buy secret cars and stash them in fields away from their parents. They take what they consider “once in a lifetime” trips to see Pittsburgh, or Myrtle Beach, because they will not visit these destinations in adulthood when they are bound to simple lives after they join the church at 18.

The adults sometimes continue this behavior, but it’s much more hidden in older individuals. There is an understanding that teens (in “Rumspringa”) will misbehave, but as an adult who is an official church member, this would be unacceptable. Adults will, however, have cell phones for work and vehicles such as farm trucks or large family vans.

Their treatment of women is somewhat more accurate. Definitely second class citizens, viewed as property, and as baby machines. I knew a few women who fled to escape forced marriages. I knew more who left just in general, to seek real education or real love. Their existence is difficult and I imagine most grown Amish women suffer from extreme Stockholm syndrome.”


“Street fights are d**dly.

It is never worth the risk over stupid pride, unless your life is in danger.

If you feel you MUST fight someone, go to the grass.

All it takes is one bad fall on pavement, concrete, etc to drastically alter your life whether you’re the person falling or you made the person fall.”

All ready to go!

“Waking up.

You do not wake up fully refreshed, dressed, hair done, and the blankets are still neat on the bed.”

Slim chances.


It’s that trope that causalities in the movies always come around at the very point during CPR that the others characters are all giving up on them surviving.

The chances of someone recovering from chest compressions and breaths alone are very slim.

It’s the critical intervention of a defibrillator that gives the casualty the greatest chance of survival.”


“Digging a grave.

Soil is much harder than how it appears in movies!”

Just like you.

“Blackjack dealers are not sleight of hand masters with the ability to magic up wins.

They are as surprised at the cards coming out as anyone.”


“Living in a bad neighborhood, most days nothing major happens.

Same with prison.

A former online friend told me prison is boring. He spent lots of time reading books.

But they also had access to drugs and made their own al**hol.”

Not accurate.

“Hacking doesn’t involve furious typing.

It’s more like running an antivirus scan to check for what the it department forgot to lockdown.

Or sending a phishing email.”



Movies make you think they are blood thirsty man eaters, who k**l humans for sport

Although they aren’t 100% harmless, most sharks don’t actually like the taste of human and will spit it out

They also often say “shark infested waters”, which is like saying human infested buildings

It pi**es me off to no extent how bad they portray sharks in movies.”

How old is this kid?

“Having a baby.

In movies, it’s like, “Oh no, my water broke.” 2 minutes later, baby’s here!

Also, the child they are handed is most definitely not a newborn.”

Up in the air.


They’re noisy as f**k, you cannot speak to the person next to you without a headset.

Also, they’re not like a car, you don’t just get in them start it and immediately take off. It takes time to build up enough power to achieve lift.”


“Being talked to by the police.

In the movies, people keep fixing their car, working on their construction site, or walking while they talk, etc.

If the police show up to question you about something, you’re puckering up and standing still.”

Yeah, prison is boring.

Not that I know or anything…