September 23, 2023 at 3:47 am

A McDonald’s Worker Sounded Off About Customers Who Give Their Code As Soon As They Pull Up

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@minutemaidbros2

Fast food workers seem to be perpetually annoyed with customers…especially when it comes to what goes on in the drive-thru.

In this particular instance, a McDonald’s employee named Jasper posted a video and made it clear that he’s not super excited about customers who use the fast food restaurant’s app in the drive-thru.

Source: TikTok/@minutemaidbros2

Jasper asked a fictional customer, “Hi [Welcome] to McDonald’s how may I help you?”

And then the customer dropped it on him: “I GOT A CODE.”

Source: TikTok/@minutemaidbros2

The code Jasper is referring to is on the Mickey D’s app and it lets customers use them to build points to use in the restaurant.

I guess he’s not a fan…

Source: TikTok/@minutemaidbros2

Check out his video.


who dont got the app atp 😔 #work #mcdonalds #laugh #plugbnb #location #carti

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And here’s how people reacted.

This viewer said they don’t understand why he’s complaining.

Source: TikTok/@minutemaidbros2

Another person said her family does this and she gets embarrassed.

Source: TikTok/@minutemaidbros2

And one TikTokker said they use the app every single time.

Might as well!

Source: TikTok/@minutemaidbros2

Just say hello, please. Fast food employees are people too.