October 22, 2023 at 3:33 pm

‘I was uncomfortable with the class seeing me in the infusion clinic.’ Teacher Tells Student She Needs To Keep Camera On For Her Class, Even Though She’s Getting A Blood Transfusion. It Backfires Spectacularly.

by Trisha Leigh

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Some people just don’t know what they’ve asked for until they’ve gotten it – which is exactly the moment the realize they’ve messed up.

Not that they would ever admit it.

OP is a high school student and she has a chronic illness that requires blood transfusions and other infusions as well. She has to miss class for these but is allowed to be there on Zoom in order to stop her from missing too much school.

Yesterday I (F16) emailed my teachers and I told them I’ll be in the hospital getting an infusion for a chronic illness that I have and a blood transfusion and I asked if they would mind if I had my camera off for the meetings.

All of her teachers (except one) are fine with letting her keep her camera off. Her history teacher, despite all of OP’s explanations, wants the camera on.

All of them said yes except for my history teacher. She said she needs to know I’m actually in the class.

I tried to explain my situation and that I was uncomfortable with the class seeing me in the infusion clinic with my central line and all my monitors.

I usually wear sweaters to cover it at home but it feels weird when I wear a sweater over it during an infusion.

She basically said tough and that I need to show up for class.

So, OP followed directions.

So the class starts and I log on to the meeting and you can very clearly see the central line in my chest, the iv pole with the unit of blood, the monitors that go on my chest (I forgot what they’re called).

The reason I still went to class because I’d already missed a lot of school this year and was starting to fall behind so I didn’t want to miss more school unless it was absolutely necessary.

Now her teacher is blaming her for making everyone uncomfortable and OP’s parents think she should respect her elders.

My teacher looked visibly uncomfortable the entire time and emailed me after class saying I made her uncomfortable and what I did was completely unprofessional.

I reminded her that she said I had to have my camera on the whole time.

And my parents aren’t on my side for this. They think all children need to respect their elders and the adult in the situation is always right so if I do go forward with reporting her, I’m on my own.

What does Reddit think? Let’s find out!

The top comment just wants OP to know that what happened to her is not ok.

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This person agrees, and also thinks it might be illegal.

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And this commenter thinks OP should report the teacher.

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They say not to let the teacher herself off the hook, either.

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Document everything.

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This is a tough lesson for OP.

Hopefully it will end up being one for the teacher, too.