November 20, 2023 at 5:39 am

Pediatrician Debunks Common Cold Myths And Says Going Outside Without A Coat, Hat Or Gloves Won’t Make You Sick

by Laura Lynott

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This doctor has had ENOUGH – he’s debunking three myths about the cold, RSV and the flu all in one quick shooting clip!

It looks like Dr James has had it with people coming into clinic and actually telling HIM, yeah, the doctor, why they have a cold, RSV or the flu.

And right about now, he’s trying to educate y’all and if you ain’t listening, seriously, I wouldn’t be stepping into his clinic anytime soon…

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He said: “I want to settle three debates. So it’s done. We’ll just spread this all over the internet and everyone will know and it can just stop because I would be perfectly happy if I never heard this again. Okay.”

I’m definitely getting the vibe he’s about done with the three deadly sins of general practice…

He continued: “Number one going outside when it’s cold without wearing the proper protective garments, a hat, a scarf, a coat, will not give you a cold. It can’t work that way. A cold is an infectious virus that you get from someone… You can go outside naked with your hair wet, dance and frolic in the middle of the snow and you are not going to get a cold because of that activity.”

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He added: “Number two, you do not get a cold and it become the flu or it become RSV. RSV is the name of the virus respiratory syncytial virus. The flu is the name of the virus influenza virus. It was that all along. You may have gotten sicker and then got diagnosed, but you didn’t have a common cold that became RSV or became the flu…”

He ain’t done.

Dr James said: “Number three you cannot get a cold and it becomes strep throat. A virus cannot mutate, cannot become a bacteria to completely different organisms. It doesn’t work that way. You may have had a cold and you may have also got strep throat. But your cold did not turn into strep throat.”

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He added: “It was either strep throat the whole time and it looked like a virus or you had a virus and before you get rid of the virus, you got strep throat or you got both at the same time during the school year. That’s possibility. So spread this let everybody know and quit coming in and telling you these things because that’s not the way it works. It’s just not the way it is.”

Okay… sorry doctor.

The internet reacted, in a way, well, you’d expect the internet to react…

Watch the full clip here:

Let’s settle three common misconceptions. Number one going outside and getting cold does not make you get a cold number two a cold cannot become RSV or the flu. Number three a cold cannot become strep throat.#parenting #pediatrics #pediatriciansoftictok #coldweather #colds #strepthroat

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Here’s what folks thought of the doctor’s prescriptive advice!

The internet says NO doctor…

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The web just ain’t for listening…

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More dissenters… eeek doctor!

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Moms across the world are really going to dislike this info.

Still, just wear your jackets kids. There are other benefits of wearing them.