November 10, 2023 at 1:44 pm

‘You’re acting like a child sir.’ A Man Had A Meltdown After He Was Given A $10 Seatbelt Ticket By A Police Officer

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@thebodycamhub

Well, this is embarrassing…

How old are you, dude?!?!

A man who was pulled over by police for a measly $10 seat belt ticket threw a fit and, thankfully for us, it was all captured on the bodycam of an officer!

The text overlay on the video reads, “What NOT to do during a traffic stop.”

The officer told the man he stopped him because he wasn’t wearing a seat belt but the driver tried to outsmart the man and show him that he was buckled up.

The cop said to him, “I watched you put it on, we’re not gonna argue about a $10 seat belt ticket.”

The man continued to protest  and the cop said, “You’re gonna make this more difficult than it has to be.”

The man refused to turn over his information and insisted on arguing…and then he snapped his sunglasses in half and told the cops they cost $150. He then insisted that the cop take all the money in his wallet.

Source: TikTok/@thebodycamhub

The officer said to him, “You’re acting like a child sir.”

The woman in the passenger seat finally gave the officer the man’s driver’s license and another cop stood watch to keep an eye on the driver.

The driver continued his freak-out and said, “You can’t ever enjoy life anymore around here without being harassed or something” and he continued to insist that he was wearing a seat belt when he was pulled over.

Source: TikTok/@thebodycamhub

The officer who went back to the squad car said, “He’s tearing up cash in his car” as the driver continued to throw a tantrum.

He then said he couldn’t afford the $10 ticket and the cop told him that he could have if he didn’t tear up the money he had.

The driver then said, “All they do is collect revenue for the state.”


Source: TikTok/@thebodycamhub

Check out the video.


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