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Her Family Stopped Buying Christmas Presents Because They’re Happier Doing Something Else. – ‘The spirit of Christmas is about being together.’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@lorenrosko

Folks, the holidays are here!

And today you’re going to hear from a woman named Loren about an alternative way to approach Christmas that you might want to consider.

Loren said, “Yeah I don’t do Christmas gifts. My husband, my family, we just don’t do it so I’m gonna tell you why and what we do instead.”

Source: TikTok/@lorenrosko

She then added, “First reason being we have enough ****, I have enough ****, my husband has enough ****, and honestly if I really wanted something, if I really needed something, I would have already bought it by now. Same with him, if he wants something he orders it.”

Loren continued and said, “Matter of fact one time I mentioned in passing like oh I really want an air fryer maybe for my birthday. My birthday was months away. Two days later, on my doorstep, an Amazon package with an air fryer. My husband went ahead and ordered it for me and he’s like why wait till your birthday when you can get your money’s worth and start cooking in it now.”

Source: TikTok/@lorenrosko

And she offered up another reason for her stance, “Reason number two the spirit of Christmas is about being together and I don’t know about y’all but like I have three nephews and when I ask them what they want for Christmas they just want those like video game gift cards and so we became the gifters of an experience.”

Loren continued, “Both to each other and to other people as well. Every year we do a cookie decorating party for my nephews and we take them ice skating. And then they also get some sort of other experience like of their choice I mean we talk about it but like last year for a perfect example, they wanted to cook lobster.”

Source: TikTok/@lorenrosko

She then added, “And I’m like, I’ve never cooked lobster that actually sounds so fun, you know to do something that you’ve never done before. So we cooked lobster with them and it was so fun!”

Loren continued, “But the main reason we stopped giving gifts to the other adults in our family like me to my sisters or to my mom, it’s like look you don’t get me anything, I’m not getting you anything cause there’s so much stress in trying to figure out what you want to get someone for Christmas.”

Source: TikTok/@lorenrosko

She went on to say, “you end up spending all this money and like God bless my mom, I love her, but she’ll be like you know, a pair of pajamas, a pair of socks like I don’t want her to spend her money on me for something that I don’t actually genuinely like need or want.”

Loren explained that she decided to give experiences as gifts because her mother-in-law took people to Cirque de Soleil every year.

Source: TikTok/@lorenrosko

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Maybe this video will folks some ideas about different ways to celebrate the holidays.

Stay safe and warm out there, friends!

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