December 11, 2023 at 9:17 am

Mother-In-Law Decorated A Nursery While Her Daughter-In-Law Was Gone And People Are Debating Whether Or Not That Was Right

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@mind_yourboundaries

Jessica Miller is the host of a podcast called Mind Your Boundaries and she likes to take questions from her audience to shed light on relationship issues.

Jessica recently posted a TikTok video to answer a question from a listener who wanted to hear an example of when good intentions cross boundaries.

She told viewers a story about a mother-in-law who surprised her son and daughter-in-law by decorating the nursery for their upcoming baby while they were out of town.

Source: TikTok/@mind_yourboundaries

But there was a big problem…they weren’t happy about what she decided to do.

The mother-in-law said that she thought she was doing the right thing and that she should this would cheer up her son who was dealing with a lot of stress.

Source: TikTok/@mind_yourboundaries

Jessica said that she thinks the mother-in-law should apologize and offered up an example that she might want to use. She said, “I would go to them and I would say, ‘You guys, I am profoundly sorry. I truly thought I was doing a good thing for you and now I see that I missed one crucial part. That I took away the experience of putting together your baby’s nursery and I’m sorry.'”

Source: TikTok/@mind_yourboundaries

Take a look at her video.


📣 Boundary question submitted for me to share.
Sometimes, our good intentions cross boundaries. This mom thought she was doing such a great thing for her son and daughter-in-law that she overlooked potential boundary violations. Once you acknowledge their feelings, they ‘should’ be open to having a conversation because they’ll feel understood and seen by you.
It was a sweet gesture, and the part overlooked is putting together the nursery as a memory-making experience for parents-to-be.
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And here’s how people responded.

This viewer said the MIL had good intentions.

Source: TikTok/@mind_yourboundaries

Another TikTokker said they would not have been cool with this.

Source: TikTok/@mind_yourboundaries

And one viewer said she should have just given them money so they could do it themselves.

Source: TikTok/@mind_yourboundaries

I guess she was only trying to help.

But still…maybe not the best idea.