December 18, 2023 at 12:58 am

Woman Throws A Unique Birthday Party And Her Friends Roast Her In The Wrong Group Chat. – ‘I sent “WTH?” and the whole chat has been silent since.’

by Trisha Leigh

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One of the worst and hardest moments in life are the ones where you realize the people you thought were your friends are nothing of the sort.

It happens to everyone, and it always sucks.

OP wanted to do something fun and original for her birthday. She had read about molecular food pairings and figured she could give it a go with three couples of who she believed were her and her husband’s closest friends.

My husband and I hosted my 29th birthday party yesterday and invited 6 of our friends (3 couples that we consider our core friend group)

I had come across the concept of molecular food pairings a few months ago and was really intrigued by the idea.

Some of the recommended pairings require expensive ingredients like caviar that I can’t justify buying on an average day but my birthday seemed perfect.

So that’s what the theme was – a molecular tasting party.

It went off without a hitch and OP thought everyone had a good time.

I put together a total of 15 “courses” but they were very small, just a few bites each.

There was also a moderate amount of other snacks laid out and cocktails.

My husband and I both had a really good time. We ranked the pairings, had drinks and played card games.

I thought everyone else enjoyed themselves too.

Later, though, she got a text in their group chat that as clearly not meant for her – as it was trashing both her and her birthday party.

This afternoon, we got a text that was presumably sent to the wrong group chat that said, “can we just be honest and say that the whole thing was weird? She’s like this every year. The rest of us just go out, how has she not gotten the idea yet? It’s rude.”

Another person replied, “at least last year she made an actual meal. I’m mad I even brought a gift.”

I sent “WTH?” and the whole chat has been silent since.

OP is torn as to whether or not they have a point.

I don’t know what to think.

It really hurt my feelings and I don’t even feel like they like me at all if they talk about me like that but also…

If I’m making people feel like they’re forced to participate in things they think are weird, that’s a selfish thing to do too and maybe they’re right.

I really hope Reddit can make her feel the slightest bit better.

The top comment doesn’t think OP did anything to deserve this treatment by “friends.”

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This person agrees there’s no excuse for their behavior.

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And this commenter agrees OP shouldn’t feel badly at all.

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They say none of these people are good friends. Or friends at all.

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They want to know what the heck is wrong with thee people.

Source: Reddit/AITA

I just feel awful for OP.

No one wants to be in her shoes.

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