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Sister In Law Refuses To Have Her Kids Try Homemade Vegan Meal, So She Orders Fried Chicken And Gets Asked To Leave

by Addison Sartino

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In laws and veganism and an emergency C-section, oh my!

This man took to Reddit to share his story.

My girlfriend (f29) and I (m29) were going to host thanksgiving dinner last year, we had everything planned and we invited our closest family members (her parents, my parents, my siblings and my sisters family).

Unfortunately we had some health issues concerning my girlfriend’s pregnancy, even though she was 31 weeks pregnant just a few days before thanksgiving, she had to have an emergency C-section.

I won’t go into too much detail with that since it’s irrelevant, but the thing is that we cancelled dinner, my gf and our baby had to be in the hospital for a bit.

After an exhausting November, these two new parents chose to lay low for the holiday season.

My girlfriend and I decided to just stay home during Christmas and new year’s eve dinner too, as she was still recovering from the surgery and we honestly didn’t feel like doing much.

However, since she’s feeling better now she thought that it would be a good idea to have a family dinner now, to make up for all of our missed holidays this year.

Long story short, we planned a dinner for yesterday.

My girlfriend and I are vegan, usually she doesn’t mind too much being around cooked meat, but we prefer to not have it in our home.

My sister (f35) is married and has two kids (both boys under 10).

Being good hosts, the couple cooked and provided dinner for their family while also respecting their own home.

My girlfriend and I cooked for everyone, and when our families came, my sister’s husband asked where the real food was after we told them what we’ve cooked (all vegan dishes).

My gf is a little over sensitive still, so I took my family aside and kindly asked them to not make any harsh comments like that.

They said they’ll be careful and my sister’s husband apologised.

Before the guests had even sat down for the meal, the sister ordered her kids takeout.

However, as I was finishing cooking some of our food, someone rang the bell.

My sister said “oh, it must be the delivery for the kids” and yeah, it was. She had ordered fried chicken for her kids since they surely won’t like what my gf and I cooked.

That caused a big argument between me and my sister, since she didn’t tell me that she was ordering chicken (which I wouldn’t have allowed).

The discussion escalated and I ended up asking my sister and her family to leave, after that my parents also got upset with me and they left as well. We ended up having dinner just with my in-laws and my brother.

I feel like I did something wrong because now my parents or sister don’t want to talk to me unless I apologize for “being an extremist”, but I was only trying to keep my girlfriend comfortable and happy in her own house?

I need different povs here, please?

Reddit users were quick to side with the writer on this one.

One person pointed out how rude it was considering the kids hadn’t even tried the meal.

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Another reader said it is so easy to be a respectful guest.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This person was baffled by the lack of guest etiquette.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Maybe next time the guests will act their age, including the adults.

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