February 12, 2024 at 8:44 pm

Study Shows That Many Workers Will Give Up Almost $5,000 A Year To Work From Home, But It Pays Off In The End

by Laura Lynott

Pre-pandemic going to the office was about as American as apple pie – but post it – many of us would sacrifice thousands of dollars in pay to stay working from home!

Despite inflation, many job seekers would willingly earn less to stay working from their home office, than return to the water cooler at work.

USA Today reported that many workers would give up 8 percent of their salary – around $4,600 a year of a median $57,200 job – just to maintain remote work.

Source: Unsplash/Windows

According to the report, remote workers also spend around $6,000 less a year than office-bound employees.

Flexjobs, a remote work site, said workers were saving on making their own meals, walking their dogs and making fewer trips to the dry cleaners.

“You’d have to pay me a lot to be in an office,” Emilie Bergstrom, 28, a remote worker, from Brooklyn, told USA Today.

Source: Unsplash/Kevin McCutcheon

“I’m not eating out as much during the week. I’m not buying coffee out,” she said. “Being able to work out at home, I don’t have a gym membership anymore.”

She saves money on airfare and she spends less on business clothing.

Source: Unsplash/Towiqu Barbhuiya

“I had to just go to a conference in Oklahoma City,” she said, “and I thought, ‘I don’t have a lot of work-minded clothing.'”

In a 2022 FlexJobs survey, 45 percent of remote workers actually said $5,000 a year, while one in five said they saved $10,000 annually.

This is kinda crazy, why would anyone go back to the office!