March 13, 2024 at 3:24 pm

Amazon Worker Warns Customers To Tell Family Members About Late Night Deliveries So Nobody Is Surprised

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@notpregnantjustphat

Night shifts are tough on social life and health but workers can get paid more and against inflation, it’s often attractive work.

People have done night shifts for as long as work has existed but in recent times, it’s become clear that this work can be detrimental to health and down time.

Last year, CNN reported medical research from Bingham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston, which highlighted night owls may be at a 72% increased risk of developing diabetes across an eight-year study.

And in 2018, the Financial Times reported an average of less than six hours sleep a night, in the long-term could actually put a person at a 13% higher mortality risk than someone who gets seven to nine hours a night.

Source: TikTok/@notpregnantjustphat

TikToker @notpregnantjustphat has stated there could be another risk to night shifts if you’re a delivery driver!

The Amazon Flex driver, warned customers to let their family and anyone in their home, know a driver would be dropping a package in the middle of the night.

Source: TikTok/@notpregnantjustphat

The delivery driver was working at 4:40am, delivering packages when she told her viewers: “If you order from Amazon, especially if it’s the same day, let your family and everybody that’s in your home know that you have an Amazon package coming.

“Amazon drivers be out at 3am. They’ll be at your house at 4am, and everybody wants to go back home safely to their family…

“So make sure you tell your loved one hey…”

Source: TikTok/@notpregnantjustphat

The Amazon Flex shifts can run between 10pm and 4am and pay more than normal hours shifts.

But people taking night shifts on have to be consider all the pros and cons!

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So that every Amazon Drive gets home safe. #amazonflexdriver #amazon

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Folks got ideas for Amazon.

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More folks suggesting lights!

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Some people really not getting the point, maybe?

Source: TikTok/@notpregnantjustphat

At the end of the day, this is just good advice for anybody.

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