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Employee Pleads For Key Parts So They Can Do Their Job, But Are Denied. So They Take It Straight To The CEO.

by Chris Allen

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

“What we’ve got heeeahhhh… a failyuh….to commun’cate”

Some people are Cool Hand Luke.

And some so clearly are not.

Some stories of incompetence just make your blood boil.

But some stories like this are just plain beautiful.

“You have enough parts!” “No, we don’t.”

Hubby works for a smallish company that makes medical equipment in the production department. It’s important to note that that there are multiple teams in the production department divided by product type produced. Each team has a supervisor and the entire production department is overseen by the production manager.

The team then runs out of a pretty key component in their production.

Time to order more! Easy!

One day hubby and his coworkers are building a particular product (hereafter called Product A) and realise they don’t have enough clamps.

Hubby goes to the Head purchaser and tells him: “We’re running low on clamps. Please order some.”

Head purchaser checks the database and goes: “According to database you have 1000 clamps, though.”

Hubby: “No, we don’t. We looked everywhere. There are none.”

Head purchaser: “Then look again. You probably didn’t see them.”

And with that he dismissed hubby from his office.

“Hubby” goes to work trying to figure out what is going on.

Hubby and his supervisor looked everywhere, but there were none, though the other team had 200 clamps as emergency stock. It felt like either the warehouse screwed up or the numbers in the database were incorrect.

Hubby then wrote an email to the head purchaser CCing hubby’s supervisor, the production manager and the CEO, that the production urgently needs clamps and to please order them. He didn’t mention the emergency stock of the other team.

Uh oh. You know that caused some waves.

Hear those heavy footsteps coming?

Head purchaser was angry about the email, stomped into the production hall beelining towards hubby and said something to the effect of: “How could you humiliate me like that? I’ll show what it’s like to be really humiliated!”

He then looked for the clamps himself, found the emergency stock of the other team and told hubby: “See? There are the clamps. Just use these and resume the production!”

Head purchaser thinks he got a win, didn’t he?

Oh the hubris of the hot-headed. Never ceases to amaze.

Head purchaser then retreated to his office to write an email to hubby CCing the same people as hubby, included a screenshot of the database page for clamps and stated basically what he told hubby about there being clamps, but more politely.

Hubby saw the email and when heading to the other teams hall to get 100 of the 200 clamps to resume the production for the time being, stopped by the CEOs office to merely explain the situation to him and point out that the numbers in the database are wrong using the very screenshot the head purchaser sent as an example.

Cue: karmic reaction.

CEO tore the head purchaser a new one for not ordering the clamps immediately.

The guy responsible for keeping the numbers of the database up-to-date happened to be on vacation at the time but got reamed by the CEO as well when he returned.

But the story doesn’t end there.

Cherry on top: CEO gave hubby’s supervisor permission to directly contact the supplier and establish a routine for regular deliveries.

Head purchaser was hopping mad about it, but hubby just told him, that they had CEOs permission to do that and he couldn’t do anything about it.

Utterly fantastic. Retribution in its purest.

Let’s see what folks had to say.

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How dare you point out my uselessness!

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