March 11, 2024 at 9:28 am

Guy Was Wearing A Virtual Reality Headset While Driving And Got Pulled Over By The Cops

by Trisha Leigh

VRHeadSetWhileDriving Guy Was Wearing A Virtual Reality Headset While Driving And Got Pulled Over By The Cops

As if we don’t have enough trouble these days with people being distracted behind the wheel, now virtual reality has entered the chat.

You’d think people would be smart enough to keep their eyes on the road, self-driving car or not..then again, you’ve probably realized by now that’s not the case.

There’s actual video of a man getting pulled over while wearing an Apple Vision Pro headset.

He’s driving a Tesla that had “Full Self-Driving” (FSD) engaged.

The man is 21-year-old software developer named Dante Lentini, and even though the video is real, plenty of people think it could be a stunt.

Users in the comments were mostly piling on Lentini for his reckless behavior, though there were a few Tesla fans who thought it was brilliant.

We should make it clear that Tesla’s own policies state that you shouldn’t take your hands off the wheel, even when the car is supposedly driving itself.

Source: Twitter

Maybe they thought keeping your eyes on the road should go without saying.

Lentini is also violating Apple’s policies – specifically, the warnings listed in the Vision Pro User Guide.

“Apple Vision Pro won’t detect all obstacles or conditions…immersive experiences or los of device power will block your ability to see…never use Apple Vision Pro while operating a moving vehicle, bicycle, heavy machinery, or in any other situations requiring attention to safety.”

Tesla is working toward cars that will actually drive themselves, but for now, it’s clear they are not safe enough for users to stop paying attention to the actual road.

Source: Twitter

These facts, combined with people wondering whether or not the Vision Pro would even work while someone was driving, have people assuming this was some kind of gimmick.

“While you’re moving, this things comes up that says ‘tracking fail.’ So it doesn’t track if you’re moving a lot.”

If you’re not supposed to text while driving, I think we can go ahead and assume wearing virtual reality headsets behind the wheel isn’t a good idea.

This incident makes it clear that states might have to update those restrictions.

Just in case.

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