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Her Nephew Ate Her Daughter’s Special Dinner, So She Made Sure He Learned A Lesson In Manners

by Trisha Leigh

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As a parent, most people learn pretty quickly not to judge the way anyone else does it – and not to think you could handle a tough situation better, either.

There are picky eaters and then there are kids with issues, and it has to be exhausting to deal with both day in and day out.

OP’s daughter is one of those kids with extreme food issues.

So, my daughter (6f) is a very picky eater, not in the sense that she will pout and whine if she doesn’t like what’s on her plate but more like she actually throw up and have something resembling a mini panic attack.

On the day of a family dinner, grandma was preparing something that the daughter would eat.

Because of that whenever we have our weekly dinners with my husband side of the family my MIL will make a separate dish for my daughter that she know she will like (my daughter hate most spices so most of the time no one else like her food so there’s no need to make it a dish for everyone).

Two days ago we had our dinner and we were running a little late because it has been a bad day for my daughter and we were both irritated at that point.

When they go to the party, her teen nephew was eating her food.

When we got there I saw my nephew (15) eating my daughter’s food.

I knew it was hers since she was having a completely different dish than everyone else and my MIL had told me what it was, and send me a picture to show my daughter since it was a new recipe she was trying.

My daughter also saw it and started bawling.

It was a very hard day for her already and I guess this was what finally broke her.

A meltdown ensued, and OP stayed behind to yell at her nephew.

Everyone came running into the kitchen to see what was happening and when my SIL saw what her son was doing she immediately scolded him but the damage was done.

I gave my daughter to my husband and asked to wait for me in the car, once they left I snapped at my nephew that just because his parents never taught him to shut his mouth for a little while doesn’t mean he can just eat whatever he wants.

He knew it was my daughter’s food, he knew how she is about food and he still chose to eat it.

I gave my SIL a hard look and left.

Everyone had been bombing the family group chat fighting over who is on the wrong.

The family is split on whether or not OP went too far.

The top comment says she shouldn’t have butted in on someone else’s parenting.

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This person agrees the daughter probably has something more than picking eating going on.

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It sounds like this goes beyond picky eating.

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I mean, teens are gonna teen.

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Some do not think OP was out of line at all.

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I agree that she should have let her SIL handle it.

And also that she should get her daughter evaluated if she hasn’t.

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