March 3, 2024 at 6:39 pm

Their Neighbor Tried Out His New Lawnmower On Their Yard Because He Doesn’t Have A Lawn Yet And Left A Mess. – ‘It doesn’t seem normal to me to do this.’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@allvar

Get off my lawn!

You usually hear stories about people using that phrase to keep youngsters away, but this story from Reddit has a bit of a twist!

And it’s up to you to decide if this person acted like a jerk…or they were doing what they had to do…

Check out the story below and see what you think!

AITA because my neighbor cut the grass on my lawn with his new lawnmower without asking and I yelled at him?

“I recently moved to a new house and next to me there is a house still in the finishing stage.

I woke up tonight with the neighbor trying his lawnmower on my lawn because he doesn’t have one yet.

Well, that’s weird…

So he bought his lawnmower and tried it on my lawn without asking my permission.

The lawn is in front of the house and is not bounded by any fence, but it is my property.

They weren’t cool with this.

I somehow yelled at him because it doesn’t seem normal to me to do this without asking for my consent.

He also let the grass he removed on my alley.


My father tells me I am wrong.”

Here’s how people reacted to this story.

One person pointed out that this is PRIVATE PROPERTY.

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Another individual piled on.

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This reader said they’re NTA.

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This person made a good point.

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Another individual said everyone should ASK FIRST before doing something like this.

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Stay in your own yard!

That’s not cool!

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