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He Got Tired of His Co-Worker’s Bullying, So He Reported Her For Defrauding The Government

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Wikimedia Commons

A word to the wise, ladies and germs: if you’re doing illegal things, go ahead and keep it to yourself…

Because you never know when it’ll backfire on you!

Trust me on this one, okay…

I say this because it pertains to the story you’re going to read below.

Get started now and see what happened!

Try to get me fired… Enjoy the end of your law career.

“I worked in a pizza shop back when I was in college.

I worked with Sarah, a vindictive lady who would stir up a lot of drama. Sarah would pick a target and then bully them into quitting.

Where I’m at, college students can receive welfare if their parents earn less than a certain threshold.

I was ineligible for student support due to my parents’ income, even though they didn’t support me, and I desperately needed this job.

This woman was a nightmare.

Matt, a new hire, quit after Sarah’s harassment. Sarah’s attention then turned to me, Sarah would approach my supervisor and spout garbage like:

– “Hey Mr. Supervisor, I asked John where the snake is and he said the snake is cutting pizzas.” This while the supervisor was actually cutting pizzas.

– She would shout at me with extreme hostility.

– She’d wouldn’t warn me if pans were hot — a major sin in kitchen jobs.

– She conspired with her friends to accuse me of slacking off, even though they’d never complained about me until Matt quit.

This took a toll on me. My hours were cut, impacting both my financial and mental well-being. I even considered dropping out of college because I was struggling to afford rent.

He knew something shady about her…

Sarah was illegally claiming student welfare despite being employed by the pizza shop. You can only claim the welfare if your are unemployed. Sarah, in the first year of her law degree, was also aspiring to become a lawyer.

The thing about being a lawyer is that you need to be admitted to the ‘bar’ to begin practicing. The law industry is very strict, even proven allegations of plagiarism in college would make one permanently ineligible to become a lawyer. Frankly, she was stupid for defrauding the government.

There is an anonymous complaints line for welfare fraud. Most of the time the welfare department never follows up. Occasionally, however, they would send officials to investigate. This was one of those few times they followed up.

He decided to take action.

I sent an anonymous tip, stating the business, her schedule, her name, and her number. I was on shift when some officials from the welfare department came in, informing us that multiple complaints were made against Sarah.

I think my boss could have just told them to scram since they probably didn’t have a warrant, but instead of doing that he showed them all of the CCTV footage.

Payback is a *****.

The officials then questioned Sarah. She panicked, confessing to everything. I felt no sympathy for her. As a law student she should’ve known to remain silent.

Long story short, Sarah received a suspended sentence which would most certainly disqualify her from becoming a lawyer.

She dropped out of college, while I continued working at the pizza shop and eventually graduated with an associates. I have an alright job now.”

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