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14 Life Hacks That Seem Fake But Can Really Help You Out. – ‘Hard drive in the freezer to get it to spin up one more time.’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AskReddit/Pexels

My friends, what you’re about to read is REAL…

And these pieces of advice might just save your life one day…metaphorically speaking.

Check out the life hacks that Reddit users say sound fake but could really get you out of a jam.

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14. What?!?!

“Hard drive in the freezer to get it to spin up one more time.

I swear to god I thought it was fake until I was out of options and tried it… and the thing came back on a few more times and I got the data off of it I needed.”

13. Get moving!

“Don’t confuse mental fatigue with physical fatigue.

After a long day at my brain-intensive job I think “I’m tired, I should lie down.”

But really, I’ve been sitting on my *** for eight hours and what I need to recover is physical motion.”

12. Good to know!

“”Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.”

My therapist told me this and it has changed my life.

In the beginning of a work session or project, I think through everything patiently, no rush.

Start working, and before I know it I am in a groove and time flies by.”

11. Tech stuff.

“Many years ago, I had the fans go out on my Macbook which rendered it nearly unusable.

I was pretty strapped at the time and wasn’t looking forward to a pricey Apple store repair job, so I went to YouTube to see if there were any fixes.

Found a video where some guy said to just punch it a few times above the number key row where the fans were packed in beneath.

This felt like a complete troll but I figured that even if it does further damage, I’m going to have shell out for the repair anyway, so might as well give it shot.

Gave it a few love taps and sure enough the fans whirred back to life and I was back in business.

Apparently what happens is that over time you get dust and crumbs and other tiny pieces of debris into the gears of the fans and they stop spinning. Apparently bashing them a few times moved the shrapnel out of the way and allowed them to work again.

Never had another issue with it the entire rest of the time I owned that computer.”

10. Words to live by.

“I like the ‘2 minute’ rule.

If it takes less than 2 minutes, just do it right now.

It greatly helps for people like myself prone to procrastinating. Whether it’s folding a few shirts, making a phone call, putting away groceries, putting something in the kitchen away, cleaning something, etc.

You put off trivial small things and over time, they stack up and all become too overwhelming to do. If you follow the 2 minute rule you will find that you’re more organized and there are less annoyances that get in the way of the real things to do.”

9. Just in case.

“If you are one of the types that gets anxious about leaving iron on or similar stuff, do this.

Remove the plug from the socket, point at it, and say out loud, “iron is off”.

You WILL remember that you did in fact turn it off.”

8. Relief!

“Get into something itchy like poison ivy or have severe reactions to bug bites?

Those anti itch creams are useless. Instead, use gels for toothaches. The lidocaine concentration is much higher.

Found out a cabin had bed bugs and that I’m allergic. Bought every itch, burn, numbing cream out there and nothing would touch that itch.

So I searched for what had the highest lidocaine or benzocaine and found toothache gels have 20%. Sweet, sweet relief.”

7. Yes!

“How to get rid of cold callers at your door or on the phone quickly without being rude.

I discovered this by accident. Someone knocked on my door cold calling, selling a service I already had, asking if I’d like to talk about their service.

I said “oh I’m already a customer, I’d love to talk about it”. I was being genuine too.

They could not get away quickly enough, which I thought was odd.

Then it occurred to me that by saying I was a happy customer already, they knew there was zero chance of a sale so any further time talking to me cost them potential sales.”

6. That’s funny.

“Yell at your vacuum cleaner to get your dogs to stop barking at it.

Apparently it helps your dogs realize that you are dominant over the vacuum so they stop trying to protect you from it.

Sounds like BS, but I literally did it once and it was never a problem again.”

5. Tiny habits.

“Lots of the tiny habits/atomic habits stuff sounds so dumb, but works for many people.

Basically the idea is that you commit to just doing one pushup a day, or learn to write one foreign language word, or one hug with your partner, or write for minutes, basically one teeny step toward whatever goal you are aiming at. Over time the ritual beds in and you can scale it.

It’s worked really well for me for writing. I write now. Less so for exercise but oh well. I still do 5 minutes minimum per day, every day.”

4. The good stuff!

“Baking soda is a miracle cleaner and unpleasant odor remover.

You can clean ovens, clear up slightly clogged bathroom and kitchen drains, remove grease, remove stinks from furniture and clothing like shoes, and many more.”

3. This is important.

“If you’re still in an office and are just walking around always carry a piece of paper and walk briskly.

Look at it when a superior is approaching. They’ll assume you’re on your way to discuss something, the copier, etc.

I had a file folder that I wrote Penske on. None of my superiors understood the reference. A high risk, zero reward, inside joke that only I found funny.”

2. Thanks!

“If you’re sick and have a congested nostril lay on the side of the one that’s free and wait a little bit and it’ll unclog the other nostril.

It was such a relief knowing this when I got sick a couple weeks ago.”

1. Just give it a minute…

“If you are thinking about a splurge purchase, wait 3 days.

If you’re still thinking about it at that point, then splurge away.

Otherwise, it was just a passing fancy.”

Alright… I feel smarter now!

Thank you internet!

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