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She Was Taken Advantage Of The Last Time She Babysat For A Family, And She Refused To Do It Again

by Matthew Gilligan

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One and done!

That’s the way you have to be if someone takes advantage of you in life.

And it sounds like the teenager you’re about to hear from learned that lesson at the age of 16, so she’s already ahead of the game!

But not everyone is thrilled with her…

Read her story and see if you think she did anything wrong.

AITA for refusing to babysit for a family again because they took advantage of me last time?

“I (16 F) am a babysitter and I babysat for a family I have never babysat for before.

They have a baby that’s only a couple months old, a 4 year old boy & a 4 year old girl (and are paying me 12/hr)

As you can imagine they are all on the smaller side and require lots of attention. when the parents were about to leave their friends came over and dropped of their 4 year old.

This wasn’t an easy gig.

I am not getting paid extra and this was not communicated with me ahead of time.

The parents brought her to me and said that she goes to bed at the same time as the others and gave me a quick smile before leaving.

I babysat the kids for 6 hours. I was wondering if I should i bring it up to the parents or should i just let it go since it’s only one extra kid?

It just kinda seems unfair that there was no communication to me about it and im supposed to feed this extra kid, get her ready for bed, keep her entertained & put her to sleep. In the end i decided to do nothing about it and told myself that it wasn’t that big of a deal, my parents and friends have since said that I was being taken advantage of.

She got another call…

Yesterday the mother texted me asking if i would babysit for her kids again while she went out.

I declined telling her that I didn’t feel comfortable babysitting with her again because she didn’t communicate with me last time and i felt blindsided.

That didn’t go over well.

She snapped back by telling me that i was very rude and it was in the past. She said I should’ve said something then and that it is my fault for not telling her how I felt.

I feel really bad but my parents told me that she is trying to guilt trip me since I’m only 16 and she thinks that she can.

I haven’t responded to her messages because I am unsure of if I am in the wrong. So am I the ******* here?”

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She made the right decision!

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