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Woman Gets Rejected By Male Coworker, So She Lies And Says He’s Stalking Her

by Addison Sartino

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge, Pexels

There’s nothing like a false accusation to put a pit in your stomach.

This man took to Reddit to share his story.

I work in semiconductor and recently a female employee (F22) was moved to my (M34) area and I had to train her.

Now it’s important for me to inform that it’s a well known fact at work that this girl is flirty, inappropriate, and she has gotten several men fired and reported just as many to HR. Her file must be THICK.

As anticipated, the woman was flirty with the man.

As soon as she was moved to my area I could see that she was shy with me and a little flirty.

As the days went by she became more and more flirtatious and very hands on touchy feely type. She would even say how cute she thinks I am etc… I admit I played back with her but never in an inappropriate manner.

She added me on social media and we exchanged info as she had expressed interest in hanging out.

The woman became angry.

I guess one weekend she saw on social media that I had gone to the park one day and when I came back to work the following week she was acting very odd and angry.

Turns out she was upset I never called her and was acting very immature and overall just crazy someone would get that mad considering we never officially made plans or anything.

Once she cooled off, the flirtiness was back.

A few weeks later the same flirty behavior was still going on.

I ended up missing a few days of work due to a bad stomach bug.

But it didn’t take long to make her mad again.

After a couple days of being in bed I felt well enough to look at my Phone and I had a ton of notifications. A few from her being SO angry I left her on read and she had tried to get ahold of me multiple times with no success.

The following Monday I got to work and of course she was angry but I just ignored her and kept working.

Shortly after the manager came up to me and told me to get my stuff because I was being moved.

The woman went on with her wicked ways.

I kinda figured this had something to do with the girl but wasn’t sure so I asked. Turns out she told them that I have asked her out repeatedly and she has turned me down every time and that I’ve been mean to her ever since she turned me down and that I refuse to help her with work.

All very untrue.

This was escalated to HR and soon after I get a call from HR explaining there is an open investigation on me for what the girl had said.

Thankfully, the man had evidence.

I denied all accusations and told them I had no problem sending them screenshots proving this a lie.

So, I sent them all the messages with her calling me honey, telling me I’m cute and 3 days before her complaint in one of her last messages to me she had asked me to hang out when we have time off together.

The last message I sent to HR was a message from the girl apologizing for slapping me in the face at work TWICE.

She did this in an immature flirting type of way but I was pretty mad and never said anything, just kept the texts.

And good evidence at that.

After she made up lies trying to get me fired because I left her on read for too long, I figured HR would like to see a message from a girl who is admitting to assaulting someone at work unprovoked.

Needless to say, a couple weeks after the investigation began, she was fired and all was right in my world again.

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One person said she sounds like a real sociopath.

Source: Reddit/PettyRevenge

Another reader implied that the company owes the writer an apology.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

While this person couldn’t seem to understand why the man would play with fire in the first place.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

I wonder what that woman is up to now…

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