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Teacher Ordered Her To The Office Because Of A Silly Dress Code Violation, But She Refused Because She Would Have Missed An Important Lesson

by Matthew Gilligan

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Dress codes still exist?!?!

Well, that’s news to me!

I figured that in today’s day and age, dress codes would’ve gone the way of the dodo…

But here we are, friends!

Was this teenager wrong for defying a teacher over a dress code?

Read on and see what you think!

AITA for refusing to go to the office for violating a dress code?

“I (15F) am in high school and got dress coded by my teacher during history class.

The dress code at my school is usually not so enforced. It was also a pretty hot day so I wore a pair of shorts. T

he rule at my school is that our fingertips have to go past the length of our pants otherwise it’s out of dress code.

Here it comes…

Well, today, I got up to turn in an assignment and my teacher noticed that I was wearing shorts.

He told me to hold my arms down to my shorts and then basically announced to the whole class that my pants were too short.

I don’t think anyone even noticed what I was wearing until he pointed it out. My fingers went past the hem of my pants by 3 centimeters.

It’s not like I had anything hanging out.

The shorts were jean shorts that had no holes in it and were pretty modest as it went halfway down my thighs.

There were at least 3 other guys in class wearing tank tops and sandals which were also against the rules but the teacher didn’t seem to notice.

He told me to go to the office and call my mom for a change of clothes.

She wasn’t having it.

This was at the beginning of class and we have a final coming up soon.

Today was supposed to be a big review lesson and I didn’t want to miss it. I’ve also never been sent to the office before so I was really upset.

I just found it ironic that we were learning about gender biases literally yesterday, yet I was being removed from class for being a “distraction” to the men in the room.

So I said no.

I understood that I violated the dress code but seeing as it was the first time it happened, it didn’t seem fair to remove me from class during such an important lesson.

It was also felt really objectifying to be shamed for my clothing choices.

The teacher and I had a bit of an argument that went on for a couple of minutes, and it delayed the class.

The teacher and some of my classmates are mad that I didn’t just go to the office.


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Down with dress codes!

Hopefully forever!

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