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Her Parents Wouldn’t Stop Praising Her Sister For Her Accomplishment, So She Lost Her Cool And Ruined A Family Dinner

by Matthew Gilligan

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Sibling rivalry is alive and well!

And you’re about to read a doozy of a story from Reddit’s “Am I the *******?” page.

Was this young woman out of line for what she said to her sister at a family dinner?

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AITA for ruining at a family dinner because of my “golden child” sister?

“I (F17) have a younger sister, Emily (F16).

There’s clearly a favorite kid…

Even though they don’t say it explicitly, Emily is clearly my parents’ favourite child. I can understand why they’re proud of Emily: she is a straight A student, has the lead roles in student theatre, swims competitively, is popular at school, and very, very good looking.

I, on the other hand, am probably more plain. I work hard at school, but am not as outgoing or intelligent as Emily, and don’t excel at any extracurriculars like she does.

My parents always celebrate Emily; we have certificates of her work on the fridge, always have outings and meals to commemorate her achievements, and attend all her swim events and plays. I know my parents love me, but I don’t get close to the level of attention, even when I work hard.

The other night, we went out with my parents, uncle, aunt, and cousins. We’d just been to one of Emily’s shows, and she recently got accepted onto a summer scheme she was wanting to complete.

The whole meal revolved around discussing Emily and how proud everyone was of her accomplishments. I don’t think I was mentioned once.

She couldn’t take it anymore.

I’m usually more reserved or just bite my tongue but midway through the meal I shouted out “maybe if you paid more attention to me and not just your golden child, you’d have more things to celebrate”.

Everyone just went silent and my mom said we’d discuss this when we got home and not to ruin the meal. Emily looked shocked and close to crying. To say the rest of the meal was awkward would be putting it lightly.

Her parents let her have it.

When we got home, my parents shouted at me for embarrassing them and said that Emily deserves to be celebrated and that if I did something that merited celebration, I would receive the same treatment.

I said how unfair this was and nothing I do gets recognised regardless. Emily joined in and said she works hard and deserves to be recognised for that and as the older sister, I should grow up and actually work for once if I want her success.

I haven’t spoken to Emily since then and my parents are still annoyed at me for ruining the meal.


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That didn’t go very well…

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