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His Girlfriend Invited Herself Along To A Dinner With His New Agent, So He Told Her He Wasn’t Cool With It

by Matthew Gilligan

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Ugh…that’s not good.

Picking up on signs that your significant other is more concerned with their career than you…and them using you to get there!


But it sounds like that’s what’s going on with this guy…and he asked the fine folks on Reddit what they thought.

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AITA for thinking my girlfriend is a social climber?

“My girlfriend and I have been together for about 8 months and since then there have been multiple occasions where I have ended up feeling frustrated due to this kind of behaviour.

Context – We work in the same industry so this makes a lot of my meetings and connections desirable for her.

Most recently I had an important meeting with a potential new agent. It was my second meeting and he was coming to meet at our house for a chat then we(me and the agent) planned to go out to dinner.

She stepped right in!

My girlfriend came home during the meeting, said hello and then pulled up a chair and said “I’m so hungry, what are you both up to, are you going for dinner?”.

This threw me a bit, I was a bit lost for words, and after a bit of awkwardness the agent said we should all go for dinner.

You know what happened next…

At the dinner she spoke about herself, she exaggerated a few things to look more impressive, made it clear she was agentless, and would randomly bring up that she did great work today etc.

I will say she comes across very lovely and sweet so of course the agent ended up being interested in her, when we were leaving he wanted to meet up with her in NY (at dinner she said “I’m in NY next month” despite it not actually being confirmed) and then it became awkward as she had to admit the NY trip didn’t have dates yet and wasn’t 100%.

When we got back home I just said that, something didn’t feel right, and I didn’t expect her to come home and do that. She got upset and defensive, would say things like “I just won’t talk to anyone in future” which feels a little manipulative.”

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Another Reddit user said he’s NTA.

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Yeah, this relationship doesn’t seem like it’s gonna last very long…

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