April 23, 2024 at 10:28 am

Woman Says She’ll Never Be Friends with Someone Who Has Less Money Than She Does. – ‘Sis I fear you are in the wrong.’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@rosesdooley

Money doesn’t matter to most friends, but what if your pal ghosted you just because you were worse off them?

Well, apparently if you’re friends with one particular woman and you ain’t living up to her socioeconomic standard, then you gonna be getting the big heave!

@rosesdooley told her followers how she just wasn’t putting up with any type of friendship anymore – and anyone who’s poor was gonna be shown the door!

Source: TikTok/@rosesdooley
“Storytime of how I decided I can no longer be friends with people who make way more or way less money than me.”

The crux of the issue came about after a trip she took with her former friend and her friend’s partner.

Source: TikTok/@rosesdooley
She sent her friend some suggestions for Airbnbs and they decided on one and she went ahead and booked it.

But then her friend – or now her frenemy – messaged her and said she was stressed out and the accommodation could’ve been too expensive for her.

@rosesdooley said she is a generous person, so she told her pal not to worry and she’d pay.

But despite offering, she got the ick because her friend didn’t offer a cent towards the Airbnb.

She thought her friend might offer to pay for food and drinks to offer some help.

Source: TikTok/@rosesdooley
“It’s not really bothering me though until we get on the trip. The Airbnb was expensive.”

She also admitted her friend’s partner had also annoyed her because they’d previously let her pay for dinner and yet didn’t return the favor and split drinks the next social outing.

Let’s hope this woman can try not to build friendships on economic status and just be the kindness she wants to find!

Watch the full clip here:


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Here’s what people thought of the clip:

Some folk agree but some certainly don’t.

Source: TikTok/@rosesdooley

Money can’t buy love and it can’t buy friendships, yo!

Source: TikTok/@rosesdooley

The clip ain’t getting a lot of love!

Source: TikTok/@rosesdooley

This feels like saying the quiet part out loud.

Now I, along with a lot of TikTok, have the ick, too.

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