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Entitled Neighbor Demanded Quiet To Study For Exams, But When They Decided To Have A Few Friends Over For A Chill Birthday Party, The Neighbor Freaks Out

by Matthew Gilligan

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Ugh…I had flashbacks just reading this story from Reddit’s “Am I the *******?” page…

Because I had some neighbors when I lived in apartments that were hard to deal with and that I wanted to avoid at all costs.

Check out this person’s story and see if you think they treated their neighbor badly.

AITA for having a party at my apartment while a neighbor was studying?

“Two weeks ago a college student that lives to the apartment next door went door to door to every single apartment on our floor and the floors below and above us.

She warned each neighbor that she has her college exams coming up and she’s studying so we better not have any parties until the end of May.

They kind of get it…kind of…

She was somewhat kind and having been through the stress of exams I was compassionate and agreed that I won’t have any loud parties.

But I told her that my birthday is on May 5 and on Friday night I’d probably have a couple of friends over and have some low music.

She got annoyed when I told her that and told me that I better be quiet then.

I didn’t like her attitude considering the fact that I was trying to be empathetic and also told her I’d not do anything crazy for a party besides low music and some friends over.

On Thursday evening after I came back from work I saw two notes, one on the building entrance and one on the elevator.

They said “I’m the college student from floor 7. Please refrain from any kind of social gatherings that might disturb my studying during this stressful time”.

I didn’t give much thought to it. I wasn’t planning on a party as I said.

Come on over!

On Friday night I had my three closest friends come over.

We didn’t party. We just chilled at my apartment and had some low music which barely could be heard to my own bedroom let alone next door apartments.

Here it comes…

On Saturday morning there was a note on the elevator once again, straight up naming me saying:

“Lady Y from the 7th floor and apartment number X broke the agreement and had a social gathering on Friday night completely disrespecting the stressful time I’m going through. She said she’s being discreet but this is not enough. I could still hear some laughs and discussions because I had my windows and my balcony door open and disrupt my peace and focus. Let this be a lesson the next time someone decides to disrespect stressful times like this. You will be called out”.

Certain neighbours defended me and said the college girl was being unreasonable with her demands but other neighbors believe I was an ******* and that I should go to a restaurant or a bar instead of having a gathering at my house.”

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I’d be worried this girl would do something even crazier.

Watch your back!

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