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A Woman Cut The Line At A Bar, So The Bartender Made A Fool Of Her In Front Of Everyone

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@yondermon

One of my biggest pet peeves in life is people who cut in line

It drives me up the wall!

If you also have a problem with this phenomenon, we think you’ll get a kick out of this story from Reddit.

Check out what happened!

Bartender’s petty revenge on a queue-jumper.

“This story takes place in the UK, where queueing is very important and we take it seriously.

A few years ago I was going to see a few friends for a drink. We’d arranged to meet in a local pub, but some of them said they’d get there a little early to watch the football. As a few of us weren’t really into football, we said we’d meet them later on.

Cue later on.

I got to the pub and went to get a drink. It wasn’t overly busy, but there was only one bartender so there was a bit of a delay at the bar. Found a spot at the bar and waited my turn.

There were a couple of guys waiting to my right, and a bit of a gap to my left, to another group who had drinks in hand and weren’t ordering.
As the bartender walked in front of me, he asked who was next. I nodded vaguely to my right and off he went to serve the other guys.

They had a feeling about this.

A few minutes later, a girl (probably barely old enough to drink) stood next to me. You know that feeling when you instantly know someone’s going to be rude? I got that feeling straight away.

She stood at the bar, arm outstretched, card in hand. Not even bothering to look over to anybody else stood at the bar. When the bartender then asked these guys who was next, she shouted across “yeah, two passionfruit martinis and a pina colada”.

Remember I said she didn’t bother to look at any of us? Well that was probably a good decision as I turned to look at the other guys and they were all staring daggers at her.

The bartender took her order and began mixing the drinks. Whilst doing so, he looked over at these guys and shot a subtle wink at them.

This was gonna be good.

The bartender finished making the drinks and put them on the bar, out of reach of the young lady. He went to the terminal, pressed a few buttons, and said “okay, that’ll be £186.14”.

The girl said “I-wait, what?”

Quick as a flash, the bartender replied “there was a round going, the last order was paying the bills. Are you not with these guys?”

The girl replied, “oh, no, I’m just paying for these drinks, thanks.”

The bartender’s reply was very dry. “So, you weren’t next in line then.” He then turned to the other guys stood next to me. “Who was next?”

The queue resumed as intended. When the guy standing next to me got served, he pointed at me and said “this girl’s next.” At no point in these exchanges did any of the orders come anywhere near the value of the “round”.

I got my drinks (I remember it was under £5 for two ciders!) and paid. Quietly said “nicely done” to the bartender as I did, to which he gave me a knowing smile.

I headed back to our table and shared what had happened with my friends. Whilst doing so, some of the guys at the bar looked over, to see us staring in their general direction. To my surprise, a few of them waved, with some of my friends waving back.

One of my friends explained, “oh, we were standing at the bar earlier watching the footy with those guys. They’re all [our team]’s fans too. Bartender’s a fan too, he’s sound.”

The girl was stood there for another 10 minutes waiting to pay for her drinks. She spent the time studying a menu, assumedly not wanting to look at anybody else at the bar.”

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Let her wait…and wait…

And wait…and wait…

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