May 31, 2024 at 10:56 pm

Job Hunter Calls Out Employers Who Offer Measly Pay And Reports It To LinkedIn. – ‘You will not believe the pay range for this job.’

by Ashley Ashbee

Source: TikTok/@leftistmommy

Few things are as frustrating for a job seeker than seeing job ads that don’t make sense and are blatantly disrespectful to potential applicants.

TikToker @leftistmommy, whose name is Kate, made a video showing an example of problematic job ad.

The famous William Morris agency posted it she said was “So offensive I reported it to LinkedIn as harrassment.”

Source: TikTok/@leftistmommy

She reads from the list of responsibilities and it is intense.

“A lot of this is just manning the HRIS system and then they have ‘Work closely with payroll and finance teams… Assist HR operations team… process audits.” And the list goes on.

The role is at least three positions in one and includes both entry level and senior level requirements.

Source: TikTok/@leftistmommy

It’s not exactly typical for the industry either.

“I literally did that exact same job…” she explains. “And I made $85,000 per year.”

The role Kate is talking about is on-site in Beverly Hills and is marked as being entry level.

Source: TikTok/@leftistmommy

So what’s the pay range for the job? “$15.96-18.00” per year.

“One of the biggest entertainment industries in the world in Beverly Hills!” She says with a lilt in her voice, pointing to the screenshot of the ad behind her.

Watch the full clip here.


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Let’s see what people had to say.

Many folks advocated for a living wage.

Source: TikTok/@leftistmommy

I remember going through this early in my career. It’s so upsetting and absurd.
Source: TikTok/@leftistmommy

This broke my heart. How can people perform their best in these conditions?

Source: TikTok/@leftistmommy

I’ve heard this so many times. The entertainment industry seems so toxic.
Source: TikTok/@leftistmommy
Many people thought this was ridiculous, especially considering rising costs.

Source: TikTok/@leftistmommy

I hope the industry changes. No one deserves this.

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