May 11, 2024 at 10:37 pm

Man Says The Tattoo He’s Had For Two Years Was Supposed To Be Temporary. – ‘They were telling us they would fully fade.’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@heybrandonwakeup

Tattoos are kinda like Marmite – you love them or hate them – but what if you’re stuck with one you didn’t actually want long term?

I mean, some of us go through periods where we think they might be cool, then grow to regret that fact there’s no getting rid of them.

At least not without forking over more cash.

@heybrandonwakeup thought he would circumvent this regret by getting a temporary tattoo meant to last 9-15 months.

Source: TikTok/@heybrandonwakeup
But it is still there 22 months later!

He told his followers on TikTok he got the Ephemeral tattoo two years prior and wasn’t impressed the print was still there with him.

Source: TikTok/@heybrandonwakeup

He said: “Remember a couple of years ago when we had those Ephemeral tattoos that were supposed to last only nine to 12 months? Well, I got one and I’m here to give you an update. And, remember, at the time, they were telling us they would fully fade between nine and 15 months after you got it.”

Source: TikTok/@heybrandonwakeup

He showed his followers a huge deer tattoo on his upper thigh. “Two years. Temporary tattoo,” he said, clearly not impressed.

I guess the lesson is only get a tattoo if you really want one!

Watch the full clip here:


You guys have been waiting for this update! Ephemeral tattoo, 2 years in #ephemeral #ephemeraltattoo #scammeralert #tattoo

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Here’s what people thought of the clip:

Not a lotta sympathy here!

Source: TikTok/@heybrandonwakeup


Source: TikTok/@heybrandonwakeup

The TEA!

Source: TikTok/@heybrandonwakeup

It seems like some people saw this coming.

Regrets to those who didn’t.

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