May 3, 2024 at 2:24 pm

New Study Reveals What Women Eat While Pregnant Could Affect Their Child’s Looks

by Trisha Leigh

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As if mothers don’t have enough pressure and guilt on their shoulders, now their kids can come back and blame them if they don’t like their looks?

I mean, at least when it was just genetics we could blame the bad stuff on their fathers, right?

This new study says a baby’s facial features could be affected by what their mother ingests while she’s pregnant with them.

You can’t blame dad for that.

Research suggests that there is a relationship between gene expression and how much protein is consumed during pregnancy.

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Scientists came to this conclusion by collecting and transcribing genes responsible for forming faces, and subsequently identifying protein complexes called the mTORC1 pathway.

They believe this is what fine-tunes the features of your face.

Then, they tracked mTORC1 activity in mice and zebrafish while feeding them varying diets.

A high protein diet influenced the mTORC1 activity by leading to more prominent facial features. Lower protein diets led to smaller facial features.

They concluded that “material protein intake is correlated to subtle, but distinct changes in the craniofacial shape of the embryos.”

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If you’re pregnant, remember to eat a balanced diet – along with giving into those cravings once in a while.

Your child will find a way to blame you for their problems even if you eat nothing but chicken and steak for nine months, so you might as well have the ice cream.

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