June 12, 2024 at 8:26 pm

A Couch Surfer Kept Trashing Their Place, So They Got Fed Up And Started Disappearing Their Stuff

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash

It blows my mind that some people are so inconsiderate that they trash someone else’s house.

But you hear these kinds of stories over and over again…

And this person got so fed up with a rude couch surfer that they decided to take action.

Take a look at what happened.

Leave your stuff all over my house for days/weeks/months? It’s mine now.

“I have roommates who bring over their random friends all the time.


One of them was basically living on our couch for weeks while waiting to get into his new place, which I had notice of and was cool with… but they keep leaving their stuff over here long after getting into a new apartment.

After the roommates and co spend a night hanging out, I wake up to a total mess in the shared main areas.

Food wrappers on the couch and floor, half-full cups of drinks and bowls of food, dirty socks, used Q-tips (both for ears and bongs), random pieces of clothing, parts of the sectional moved and not put back, ashes and dirty bong water, etc.

And then it all just sits there.

They’re trying…

I’ve asked multiple times for my roommates to clean up after themselves and their guests, but I’m tired of having to say something every single time when we’re all adults.

The kicker is one of my roommates has gotten frustrated with the rest of us not being up to her standards of cleanliness (she doesn’t like seeing roaches, when we’ve gotten roach bait and stated many times that leaving food out is the problem) multiple times.

Yet this is her company that strews their trash about, many of these icky things are from HER habits, but she’s blind to them because to her it’s not a big deal.

The couch surfer seems to think our house is still his storage space, and I’ve noted multiple pieces of clothing, like hoodies and shirts, hanging over our dining chairs, strung up in the laundry room, or stuffed under tables and the couch for months at a time.

Same with leftovers he puts in our fridge and then never touches again. I’ve even told him to collect his stuff.

No moves to do so, though he visits frequently enough to keep randomly leaving something else.

It was time to fight fire with fire.

So… I started taking matters into my own hands. Leaving dirty socks and old food in my home?

That’s trash, and I’m cleaning, so say goodbye to it forever.

Perfectly useable clothing I could wear? I’m washing it and putting it in my closet.

It’s mine now, I just won’t wear it around you.

I’m taking pictures every time there’s a mess, and even of some minor damages my roommates and their buddies have caused.

Currently sitting on it and building a case for the landlord if things go south.

But for now, this is my vengeance. I’m sure it would **** them off to know about it, but I feel totally justified.”

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If you’re a bad house guest, it’ll eventually come back to haunt you.

In the form of a really stubborn and tidy ghost.

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