June 12, 2024 at 2:45 pm

A Customer Shorted Them On A Pizza Delivery Order, So They Plan To Harass Him Until He Pays Up

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash

What’s a delivery worker supposed to do if a customer doesn’t give them all the money they’re owed?

Well, the only logical answer is to HARASS THEM.

That’s what this person did and they shared their story on Reddit.

Take a look!

Some guy shorted me at work (pizza delivery) so I saved his number in my phone and will prank call him from time to time.

“Once delivered pizza to this guy and we met at a gas station (he was outside of the delivery zone) when I got back to my car and counted the money, he was short $7.


I called him and he told me that he misunderstood the price over the phone and he’d run to his house and return with the money and a nice tip.

He said it would take 5 minutes.

15 minutes goes by and I call him again, no answer. I go back to the shop and call him once from my phone and once from the shop phone, no answer.

I left him a VM and told him he was $7 short and would need to call in with a credit card if he couldn’t find his wallet.

It was revenge time…

Since I was pretty ****** off that dude lied, I saved his number in my phone and usually when me and my buddies are drinking I’ll give him a call (he won’t answer) and I’ll leave him a message asking him if he’s got the money yet.

I’ve done this like 3-4 times now.

Last time I called and left a VM and said that my definitely disabled little sister fell down the stairs and we need some money ($7) to cover her expenses.

I think it’s funny.”

Here’s what Reddit users had to say.

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Another Reddit user shared their thoughts.

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This person offered a warning…

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This is what happens when you stiff someone!

Or the wrong someone, at least.

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