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A Group Of Workers Went Out For Drinks, But When A Rude Bartender Kicked Out Their Boss, They All Left With Him

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash/@louishansel

All for one and one for all…

That’s a good way to live when it comes to people you’re loyal to, and the folks in this story from Reddit weren’t playing any games!

Check out what went down in a pub when a bartender decided to try to get cheeky…

Kick the main boss of the company out of your bar at a company drinks? Okay.

“This happened to my Dad. He was one of the three partners at one of his former companies (about medium sized).

One day, he and his company went to a company drinks. I don’t think it was exactly a company party, but it was more than an after-work drink at the pub.

A small request was made…

Anyway, the bar was serving aperitifs, and my dad asked for his without ice, as he doesn’t like ice tainting his drink. The landlord, who was behind the bar, refused, and said the ice was mandatory.

So he served my Dad’s with ice. Dad accepted it, took the ice out, and laid it on the drain rack that goes under the beer draughts.

The landlord ordered him to leave.

My Dad was half expecting it, but asked him to repeat himself. The landlord once again told him to leave.

My Dad said “Okay,” and started to leave.

And his company all started to file out after him.

Wait, not you!

The landlord protested “No no, you don’t all have to leave. Only he has to leave.”

One of the other staffers said something along the lines of “Sorry mate. He’s the big boss. We all go where he goes.”

So they all left and went to another bar.

They had made a reservation at the bar they were leaving, but they hadn’t put down any deposit for it, and hadn’t bought any drinks yet. The aperitifs had been complimentary, so the Landlord didn’t even get paid for those.”

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