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Neighbor Complains About The Fence Around Their Inflatable Pool, So They Constructed An Ugly One That Was Up To Code

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

You’re about to hear a story about some very smart kids!

Hey, let’s be honest, there’s not a whole lot to do if you grow up in a small town…so you gotta make your own fun!

And that’s exactly what happened in this story from Reddit.

Check out how these kiddos got even with a neighbor who was a real pain in the ***.

Angry neighbor and Village Codes.

“I grew up in a very white bread village/town of about 15k outside of a small city of 110k in middle America.

This came with all the petty little problems that come with small town Midwest life.

My twin brother and I would hang out around our best friend’s house, and their neighbors loved to stir the pot and cause problems.

I have two specific instances of MC with them, specifically the wife, Mrs. Nelson.

I don’t really blame her for being an angry person tbh. I probably would be too if I had to raise 4 kids while working and trying to go back to school. I digress.

The summer before 7th grade, my best friends family decided to put up one of those 3-4ft tall inflatable pools.

Our town has a code where any yard containing a pool must be completely enclosed in a minimum 5ft tall fence.

My friends fence was only the regular 3 foot chain link fence, and the gate had recently been broken by the Nelson’s kid.

Here come the coppers.

So, as soon as they put the pool up, Mrs. Nelson called the police because the pool violated code and present a drowning danger to her children (mind you they have a permanent above ground pool that their kids swim in unsupervised all the time).

The officer arrives and tells us we either need a taller fence or to get rid of the pool. Here’s where the MC comes in.

The code states that the fence just needs to be 5ft tall, not contiguous, made of the same material, or good looking. So, me and my brother went around collecting sticks while my friend and his mom went to the Fleet Farm to buy chicken wire and zip ties.

Worked like a charm!

We spent the next hour zip tying the sticks to the fence and the chicken wire to the sticks as well as zipping the gate closed. Mrs. Nelson is of course disgusted by this affront to her beautiful neighborhood, and calls the village again the next day.

The same officer is sent out as the day before and lets the angry lady know that the fence is up to code, and that she should stop wasting officers’ time with non issues.

This was not the first or last issue with her and her family, even in terms of Malicious Compliance, but this one is pretty funny and almost perfectly encapsulates my experience growing up in almost rural Middle America.”

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They sound like pretty smart kids!

I love it when people get exactly what they asked for but still don’t want it.

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