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An Investor Bought The House Sight Unseen, Then Was Unhappy When They Didn’t Like The Sights They’ve Now Seen

by Trisha Leigh

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If there’s one thing everyone knows about a signed mortgage contract, it’s that once those papers are signed and money has changed hands, there’s no backsies.

You just have to hope the people buying your house are as blind to its faults as you once were, back before you moved in.

This woman claimed she told the buyer about the house’s condition but she didn’t care – at least, she didn’t before she saw it.

Find out all the details below!

investor wants to buy my house way over market value? sure no problem!

background: my parents and their neighbor bought homes in an up and coming part of florida 20 years ago…talking 1/2 acre lots with 2500 square foot homes for like $130,000.

Our neighbors home was a little smaller than my parents, no pool, and over the 20 years the only thing done to the house was a new roof. nothing else had been changed; everything was still the original – appliances, paint, ac unit, cabinets, tile and carpet.

I wish i could say she took care of it and never needed to change things, but that wasn’t the case….or neighbors house looks 20 years old.

When it came time to sell, the offer was almost too good to be true.

well she is a widow and the house is huge for just her, so she decided to sell and take advantage of the market.

she listed it for $400,000. despite her never having put a penny into it, the house goes on a bidding war, and the top bidder is an investor from california.

she offers to pay $30,000 over asking, pay the closing costs, and can do it same day.

cue malicious compliance.

So, she tried to suggest they come see it.

the investor woman had two stipulations: our neighbor takes the house off the market immediately.

She turns over the key to her management company with the cash for the home held in escrow until the key was turned over and our neighbors side of the paperwork done.

now our neighbor was upfront with this woman and the state of the home, and asked if she wanted to have her management company come look at it first.

the woman says “no, im renting the house and it doesn’t need to be painted. just pull it off the market!”

this women essentially bought the home for about $450,000 when it was all said and done.

When they didn’t want to, she got that deal done like her pants were on fire.

so our neighbor immediately goes to the management company office with her realtor, signs her paperwork, hands over the key, and gets the check for the home.

Then, she saw the house.

a few days later…our neighbor gets a call from investor lady. she is irate! the house is in disarray. in needs a paint job asap. new appliances and flooring at the least.

she demands that our neighbor paint the house…she won’t take ownership of the home until that is done. to which our neighbor responds to her,” it’s not my home anymore. it was signed over to you and that the check handed to me and cleared. that house is no longer my problem. enjoy!”

Regrets were had, but not by the seller.

this story all came about because yesterday my parents called our old neighbor: there was a for sale sign on the house again and we were confused.

our old neighbor promptly showed up and told us the story and we are all laughing hysterically because the woman has it listed for $430,000 – which anyone with eyes to tour it would never pay, and even if she did get it…she’d still be losing a ton of money.

who doesn’t love a story when greedy investors trying to inflate the market lose and lose big?

I found this a rather satisfying little tale.

I bet Reddit felt the same!

Maybe they keep a contingency for that.

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A new sucker is born every minute.

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The market is definitely that.

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Money doesn’t make people smart.

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The American Dream is toast.

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She probably learned a lesson that day.

A very expensive one.

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