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Annoying Jehovah’s Witnesses Wouldn’t Leave Her Family Alone, So She Ended Up Preaching Them Her Own Beliefs And They Never Showed Up Again

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/Petty revenge/pexels/ Jonathan Cooper

Sometimes being vocal about your dislike towards something doesn’t hurt that much.

If anything, it will get you out of it!

This girl was done with preachers showing up at her place.

Check out how she got rid of them.

Jehovah’s witness revenge

I just read a post about Jehovah’s on here a while ago and It reminded me of my own revenge. Sorry it’s a long story, I’m terrible at over explaining and not really knowing what’s useful information and what’s not.

Warning: mentions of diseases including Cancer.

My Aunt is a jehovah’s witness (just gonna shorten to JW) and because of this every JW knows that side of the family, which is big.

They walk the streets, knocking on doors doing their normal stuff as everyone knows.

This is where it starts..

At my old house my mum would often answer the door to 2 old ladies JWs and try to steer conversation away from all their preachiness by making as much small talk as possible.

It then became a routine every Wednesday at 2pm which is annoying when sometimes she had me lying in bed sick (I was only a young kid when it started) and they wouldn’t leave her alone for at least 30 mins.

They wouldn’t leave them alone!

Well we moved (not because of them but horrible neighbors) and we thought, that was that.

Literally a month after moving, the exact same women had found us.

We have no idea how when we didn’t tell my Aunt or any of her family that we had even moved!


I was in college when this happened and I didn’t even know they had for months, I thought we were rid of them.

Well one day, my dad had the week off and my mum wanted to get in the bath and my dad thought we had gotten rid of them too but he didn’t know what they looked like.

So on Wednesday at 2pm they knocked and my dad answered and asked who they were.

They made their way in!

They said they were friends of my mums and my dad invited them in.

He told my mum that her friends were here to see her and she got out curious at who it was.

When she found out she tried politely getting them to leave and they did, after 20 mins.

Such troublemakers..

Ever since then, my mum has tried avoiding them but they would look in the window and when she closed curtains, they would knock for literally 5 mins solid until they gave up and try the week after.

It got so bad that anytime anyone knocked around 2pm she refused to answer meaning she missed a few deliveries because she either forgot or she was worried the JWs would see she was in, which happened a few times she answered deliveries or she put Bins out.

And she found an opportunity.

So after I finished university and having some time off to relax, they knocked one day and my mum was out so I took the opportunity.

I was dressed in a lot of gothicy/punk outfits at the time (still do though I have a variety of aesthetics now) and I did a bit of research as a teen on different religions, including Satanism and remembered a bit about it.

I knew they’d have their judgment on my clothes the second they saw it.

Here’s how she handled it..

JWs: oh, hello? Is your mum home?

Me (deciding to play a lil dumb): Not at the minute, she’s out. Why, what’s wrong?

JWs: nothing, we just wanted to talk to her about her lord and savior.

Me: and who would that be? Because whoever it is, is doing a terrible job of saving her. She could practically run a pharmacy she’s on that many medications. If they wanna save her, why don’t they start by curing her fibromyalgia, or her diabetes? How about her arthritis? Actually could you give me a name of the so called saviour, I’d love to give them a piece of my mind!

JWs: he can’t cure her-

Well she did have an answer for that one!

Me: but he can turn water into wine? He bloody cured blindness to one dude! Why the heck can’t he cure all those? He’s a Scam artist! At least the blind dude wasn’t in pain 24/7 or worried that a kitkat would send him in a coma or have his thumbs lock up while holding a sharp knife risking hurting himself worse!

JWs: I’m sure he has his reasons.

Me: also why can’t he cure one of the biggest diseases that kill mankind, aka Cancer? Do you know how many family members I’ve lost to that awful thing? How I’ve watched helplessly as they fade into a shell of who they used to be? If he’s a saviour then I’m Queen of England!

JWs: well maybe it’s because they all sinned.

And she threw another one!

Me: my nan was the kindest, sweetest woman I’ve ever known and my best friend and cancer took her away from me, from all of my family. There’s awful people out there, actual scumbags who live life without natural repercussions. Why must the good suffer and the bad be rewarded with a healthy life? It’s not fair and that’s because the truth is that life isn’t fair. I’ve turned my back on the so called “saviour” and looked to his enemy.

JWs: what do you mean, his enemy?

Me: have you heard about my lord and saviour, Satan? He only has 11 rules unlike yours who has like 100. And do you know which rule I love the most that yours seemed to have skipped? That children and animals can not be harmed. Animals may only be harmed for food. Where in your rules does it say the same thing?

Jws: it’s in there, somewhere.

And she wanted her acceptance..

Me: it also means you can not judge them should they come out as part of LGBTQ+. I know damn well you guys shun all that stuff given the fact my cousin is gay and my Aunt refused to to go his wedding because its against her religion, your religion! All because its “not natural”. Did you know there’s gay penguins in Edinburgh zoo? Not natural? How about a pack of actual lions all made of lesbian lionesses? And do you know what that means?

Jws (shaking head no)

Me: I’m accepted in Satan’s eyes. I’m bisexual and my mum loves me either way and she certainly won’t turn me away for 1 pathetic old fashioned religion like yours. Now go away and never come back, if I hear that you’ve come back, I’ll do worse than preach my religion like you do it’s not nice is it? And don’t bother telling her, she won’t believe I did this.


They never did come back. Haven’t seen any JWs in, on this street, in a while.

Geez! Those were some sticky preachers!

Guess they can finally open doors at 2pm!

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