June 17, 2024 at 8:37 pm

Autoshop Reveals The Cars That Make The Best Vehicles For Uber Drivers. – ‘Anything cheap on gas!’

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/Accurateautoinc

For anyone looking for some quick money, there aren’t many more immediate options for anyone with a car than delivery services like Uber and Lyft.

But for those of us that want to maximize our profits out on the road, have you ever wondered how your vehicle stacked up in terms of its suitability for driving delivery?

Well TikTok user @accurateautoinc is here to reveal the best cars for delivery drivers, which they say is basically anything that gets you good mileage!

Check it out!

VehUber SS 1 Autoshop Reveals The Cars That Make The Best Vehicles For Uber Drivers.   Anything cheap on gas!

The video starts with a simple question. “What’s the best car for lyft or uber?” And if anyone would know, its a mechanic!

“Toyota Prius or Camry. If you can get a hybrid that’s even better. Those tend to be the lowest maintenance and longest lasting!”

From personal experience, I’d recommend a Volkswagen Jetta. I even got my friend who DoorDashes to buy a Jetta too when she was looking for a new car!

Source: TikTok/Accurateautoinc

The next person suggests a Honda Odyssey, but from the way him and the cameraman laugh at his response I don’t think he was being too serious!

But the following mechanic goes with the simplest but probably best answer. “Anything cheap on gas!”

I’d have to agree. Sometimes you drive 20 miles for what ends up being a 5 dollar delivery.

You don’t want to lose even more money on top of your lost time because you’re paying a fortune for gas!

Source: TikTok/Accurateautoinc

Another mechanic follows the first man’s lead and suggests a Hybrid like a Ford Fusion.

Seems like the running theme here is something that can handle the high mileage of a delivery job without costing you a fortune in fuel!

But if worst comes to worst, you can always use the dasher discount on miles you can get through Dasher perks!

The more you know!

Check out their video for yourself!


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Uber Drivers of TikTok ran to the comments with their own recommendations.

Source: TikTok/Accurateautoinc

While others said some of their suggestions just weren’t practical.

Source: TikTok/Accurateautoinc

Finally, this user agreed, saying just because it was better for delivery didn’t mean it was better for your wallet!

Source: TikTok/Accurateautoinc

My vote is a Jetta! Drive Bigger!

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