June 20, 2024 at 2:48 am

Clueless Boss Yells At Her Hardest Worker For Standing Still, So Employee Decides She’ll Be Moving In Slow Motion The Rest Of The Day

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance/Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

There’s a special type of frustration you feel when you realize the extra effort you put in at work everyday isn’t being recognized.

But there’s an entirely different type of frustration when your boss completely ignores that effort and decides to ream you out for the smallest possible infraction!

So when this user’s boss yelled at her for standing still, she made sure she was moving the entire rest of the day…. at the slowest pace possible!

Check it out!

Service industry compliance

During an 8 hour shift at a BS temp job spent on my feet, I stopped moving for 2 minutes to take a breath and just enjoy standing still.

I happened to yawn discreetly during minute 2 (shift started early morning).

To be clear, I work at least 3x harder and better than the other employees, who spend most of their time on their phones, chatting, and vaping behind the shelves or under the counter.

But her history of hard work didn’t stop the manager from screaming at her…

My boss is never there, but when she is takes the time to bitch out anyone she sees so she’s “managing her employees”.

Well, she walks by and yells, “ [MY NAME) if you’ve got nothing to do you need to be cleaning or restocking, don’t just stand there”.

So OP decided to do exactly what her psycho boss asked of her, but in the least helpful way she could…

Spent the rest of the shift detail cleaning, manually descaling, sterilizing and polishing an espresso machine. For 3 hours.

As. Slowly. And. Thoroughly. As. Possible.

It was very relaxing.

Then, I peaced out.

Screw you, manager.

What is with managers and choosing to go after the one employee that actually keeps the store running? They always know just how to punish the people that help them the most.

And the fellow temp workers of Reddit had nothing but sympathy and admiration for OP’s petty revenge.

Source: Reddit/MalicousCompliance

And this user said that it’s always the bosses that do the absolute least the yell the most.

Source: Reddit/MalicousCompliance

Another user said that if your extra work isn’t being appreciated, then just do the bare minimum and get out of there.

Source: Reddit/MalicousCompliance

This person agreed whole-heartedly, saying you’re getting paid minimum wage no matter what you do!

Source: Reddit/MalicousCompliance

Maybe don’t yell at the only one doing any actual work! How’s that for a business plan?

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