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Disugsting Neighbors Wouldn’t Pick Up After Their Dog, So They Decided To Throw All The Dog Poop On Their Roof To Teach Them A Smelly Lesson

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash/@andriyko

Is it really that difficult…?

I’m talking about people cleaning up after their dogs when they’re out and about.

So what’s a person to do?

Maybe what this person did!

Check out how they got revenge on their rude neighbors.

New neighbors and their dog poop.

“So I (34m) lived in a nice quiet neighborhood. Most of my neighbors are elderly and we get along pretty great.

That was until my new neighbors moved in. Couple around my age with a baby and a dog…They NEVER pick up after their dog and yes… I’ve asked them to pick it up A FEW TIMES.. It got to the point I stopped asking..


As I don’t have a dog and it’s annoying having to watch my steps walking in my yard; i feel i shouldnt have to pick it up.. I’ve tracked dog **** into my house once it was late night and it sent me over the edge…

But I kept my cool because I don’t like blowing up on people and plus I’ve asked so they know it’s out there.

Their dog barks constantly day snd night, lunged at a couple walking by, and is never on a leash… never on a leash.. i dont know what breed it is but its a massive dog.. Easily over 110 lbs.

The police even came to their house telling them to leash the dog or animal control will be called. Our HOA states all dogs must be kept on a leash or in a invisible fence at all times when outside. I know this because I read the WHOLE HOA book.

The book has breed restrictions but not weight restrictions. So you can have a big dog but only certain breeds aren’t allowed in our neighborhood.

They sound like jerks…

I once overheard them laughing about me asking them to pick it up like it was a comical thing to ask. I didn’t say anything about it because I knew how I was going to handle it.

And they had an idea!

My neighbors got a new roof put on their house in February. So for the past 5 months I’ve been going out late night and throwing it on top of their roof with a shovel… Their brand new roof is littered in dog ****.


Where we live it rains alot during the spring so all that poop was just turning into liquid as the spring season went by. And now that it’s July it’s just cooking up there.. I’ve never smelt it but I know it’s been cooking.

Today 7/9/23 it’s 98° pretty hot but nice out. And it’s finally happened… The wife ( guessing they are married) is yelling at the husband that their whole upstairs smells like ****.

Don’t ask me!

I can hear this because I’m sitting on my back porch right now sipping some iced tea. They can’t figure out why or how. Ha the gagging is what made me laugh the most.

I don’t want the dog hurt. I know it has to go somewhere it cant hold its **** forever i know this.. but pick up after your dog… it’s not my dog I shouldnt have to clean up after it.

You’re welcome neighbors…”

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That was disgusting!

And well deserved!

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