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Door To Door Salesman Mistakes Woman For A Child And Asks If Her Mother Is Home, But Her Response Makes Him Pack His Suitcase And Leave

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance/Pexels/Mike Jones

For many people, the older they get, the younger they wished they looked! Everyone knows that one adult that dresses about 20 years younger than they are. To… varying degrees of success.

All that to say, looking young for your age is a blessing in almost every situation, except when you’re at the liquor store that is!

So when this user, who looked young for her age, was approached by a door to door salesman, she used her baby face to get them to leave her alone!

Check it out!

Are your parents home? No

For context, I have been very fortunate in that I was able to get a zero down loan on a house at 22 right out of college. This college is also about 400 miles from my parents home.

One of the misfortunes of being a homeowner is that you get on these lists for door-to-door sales people.

I’ve gotten quite a few of them now even though I’m rarely home during working hours (seems to be their favorite time).

They generally are either asking to join a church or to install solar.

And sure enough, the solar salesman came knocking one day while OP was home!

So I happened to be home this one day that the solar markets showed up and I open the door.

Now at the time I was doing a load of laundry that you could for sure hear from the door. I also look younger than my age which leads me to my malicious compliance.

The sales people say “good afternoon are your parents home?”

Considering OP was 22 years old living alone, her parents were, in fact, not home.

To which I blankly respond “No”. They must have caught on to the sounds of laundry or something because they responded with “Are you sure?”

So I just said “Yes I’m am sure my parents aren’t home.”

That was it! They didn’t ask are you the homeowner or is the homeowner home. They asked the one question that ended their pitch before it started.

I guess there is yet another perk of looking younger than your age: playing dumb to traveling salesman! She didn’t tell a single lie to those poor salesman!

Reddit loved OP’s response, and many came in with their own ways to get rid of pesky solicitors.

Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance

This user’s baby-faced husband had his own line to leave the salesmen speechless.

Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance

This user said considering all salesman do is lie to you, you should just lie to them right back.

Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance

And finally this user said looking far younger than you are isn’t always as fun as it seems!

Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance

Choose your words carefully!

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