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He Didn’t Agree To His Dad’s Conditions About Joining The Family Company, So He Started His Own And Took His Dad’s Clients

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit

It’s always sad to hear stories about family members clashing when it comes to business and money.

And this one hits all the marks!

Check out what this guy had to say and see if you think he did anything wrong.

AITA for starting a business in direct competition with my father’s and making him lose clients?

“I have a father who left our family to start a new one with our neighbor when I was 13. I never fully forgave him even though he tried (and still does) to make it up to me.

Growing up, he would pay me to work with him in his company. It’s pretty advanced construction finishing stuff (like custom molding for many different uses).

I worked with him on and off through college and I’ve gotten very good at it.

He asked me to join his company full time as an equal owner after I graduated. But my stepmom had a fit and basically forced my stepbrother into the mix as well.

Time to make a decision, Dad.

I do not get along with my stepbrother and told my father that it’s either him or me. He also did not have the right skills to work in a major capacity.

To no one’s surprise, my father said I needed to compromise so everyone in the family can be happy.

If you say so!

I refused to compromise and went ahead and set up my own company. My father was upset but I guess he figured he couldn’t stop me. We continued having weekly dinners.

For some reason, people are liking my company’s work more. I have expanded my company more than my father ever has. I also targeted his major clients who have slowly come over to my company. I don’t even do any of the labor myself anymore unless I want to.

His dad is in a tough spot.

Last week, my father broke down and said his business was struggling to survive. I admit I did feel bad so I offered him a full time job in my company and that I’d buy out his tools and workshop lease. But I told him my stepmother and stepbrother are not welcome anywhere near my company.

This made my father pretty angry and we had a pretty big fight. He said I betrayed him. Then I basically told him he betrayed me by cheating on my mother.

I do feel kind of guilty I ruined my father’s company he worked hard to build. But at the same time he forced me into this position by getting his family involved.


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His dad had his chance…

And he blew it!

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